Crack(aspirin+coffee) Baby

* DISCLAIMER *  I hardly ever take medicine but had to pop some pills for a SERIOUS HEAD SPLITTING KILL ME NOW migraine this AM.  Chased it with some coffee.  Alas, you get this cracked-out post and I don’t care if I sound crazy.  LALALAAAAA…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few things :

  • I am supremely pleased that we can now move on from “The One Who Left” and his “reunion” with his stupid new team.  I am also supremely pleased with the crowd’s ability to find the perfect fusion of “witty, creative banter” and “we really do hate you and will chant profanities at you until blue in the face”.  (Extra bonus : no river fires)
  • I am obviously less than supremely pleased with the outcome of the game, but oh wells.  ♥ CLE anyhow
  • Tried on my dress for the moms last night.  And, and!  Are you ready for this?  We did it BEFORE the game.  For reals.  And there was a hug and maybe a little bit of misty eye’d-ness.  She said it’s perfect.  :)  The end.  (Maybe I’ll post some pics?  No?  You don’t give a rat’s ass?  Ok, I won’t then)
  • I went to a real life salon and finally took care of my DIY ‘do.  Budget friends rejoice : Had a CitySearch coupon that saved me $55 big ones.  (It should be noted it still cost 12x more than a box-job would have.  Again: Oh wells.)  I made the executive decision to splurge because there will be lots of picture-taking at Christmas-time and HELLOOO I must look fabulous upon my long-awaited return to O-Hizzle

  • Leaving for Vegas in the AM.  Half Mary for moi, Full for B.  The moms is dog-sitting, and the g-rents will be at the finish line cheering.  I’ll try to not suck at life and get my camera out once our twice.  I’ll also try to not die on the course because I followed Operation Training FAIL pretty successfully this go ’round

See y’all RnR’ers this weekend – don’t forget your mittens!  I’ll be the asshole crossing the finish 2 hours early with a marathon bib on.  Hopefully nobody mistakes me for an elite.  (I’ve obv got the thighs to convince them so)

Is everyone done Christmas shopping?  Tell me you’re not.  I’m having gift-getting anxiety.  Would it be wrong to finish my shopping at the expo this weekend?  (If none of the recipients run?)  Tell me not.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “Crack(aspirin+coffee) Baby

  1. Good luck this weekend chiquita. You’re well rested, so you will kick ass & take names for sure!

    Christmas shopping? Oh that thing where I buy giftcards for everyone? Nope, not done yet.

    I too will be gettin my hur did this weekend! I was thinking of going the boxed dye route since shelling out the cash at a salon makes me throw up a little in my mouth. HOWEVER, I just realized there are 3 Fridays in December which equals 3 paydays instead of two – jackpot!! I actually can afford to make myself look presentable when I return home to the motherland (dirty Jerz) in a couple weeks.



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