False Trot Promises

Hey, remember when I said I bought a camera cord for $3.45 so I could pull that one fabulous picture of B&I post-Turkey Trot from the inner death grip of my camera memory?  Well it came, and it wasn’t the right one.  So you’re never going to get to see it.  Unless I use Lea‘s advice and take a picture of the camera screen.  But I mean, it wasn’t really THAT great anyways.  So whatever.

You’ll have to settle for these stolen Brightroom action shots instead.

As you can see, I channelled my best “89 year old sleepless hag” look pretty effectively.  At least I PR’d!  Oh wait, no I didn’t.  At least B&I matched like a real vom-tastic running couple!

Yeah… we did.  I swear it was an accident though.  At least we didn’t run holding hands?

Maybe I will try Lea’s trick after all.


Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “False Trot Promises

  1. Seriously, I just found your blog and I am crying I am laughing so hard. You sound a lot like me: former college athlete turned runner :)

    And yeah–my husband and I have accidentally worn matching clothes for a race before. Thankfully my overly paranoid better half caught it before we left the house. And thankfully it wasn’t a day I happened to look like Running Barbie. Though, he would be cute in hot pink…


  2. haha, I do this all time with race photos. Has anyone ever really bought them? I like to think I am “borrowing” them as well. Nice PR!

    and I love that focused look you have going on. For real, awesome!


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