What Happens In Vegas…

B & I survived Vegas.  We even both set Personal Worsts!  Given our almost non-existent training, it’s a wonder we’re both moving today.  Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right??  ;)

I’ll have a recap of the weekend soon, including our frantic search for the expo through a hotel that has more square feet than my hometown.  (ahem, we were in the wrong place) ((ahem, AHEM, it was my fault, and I will take credit for it thankyouverymuchNOT))

Oh, and when I saw Amanda coming through the homestretch and said to B, “Hey!  I know her!  Well kind of…”  He responded with a very blog-savvy “Not IRL?”

Oh, OH, and when we met my grandparents Sunday for dinner after Sarah&Jaybob force fed B a glassful of tequila?  Yeah that went well.  Thanks for that.

Off to spend the day with the moms.  We put in for tickets to the Ellen Show ages ago, got put on standby, and from the sounds of it probably won’t get in :(  We’re gonna go stalk around the set anyways until they let us in or take us away in handcuffs.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “What Happens In Vegas…

  1. That is hilarious about SR and her Jaybob, can’t wait to read more. :-)

    I saw Ellen quite a few years ago. Some of the standbys actually got in when I was there. Hope the same was for you! Our “audience” gift was LAME though. The next day the entire audience got free cameras! Figures.



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