Excuses Are Like Assholes. I Mean, I Am One.

Hi!  Remember me?  I’m alive.  Although for a few hours I thought that might not be the case.  And if my mom’s flight back to OH gets cancelled ONE.MORE.TIME I’m afraid some other people won’t be.  As in, every employee of Southwest Airlines.  And Motherbitch Nature.

I’ll have a race recap from RnR Vegas up soon.  (I know, I know, I promised it last week.  Sorry!)  Also a how-to on Keeping Your Mom Entertained While She’s On The Never-Ending Cali Vacation.  (going to work for 16 hours and making you S.O. take her to the movies is included…)  And finally a little post on mine & B’s fabulous 1/2 day visit to Vegas.  (Yes we were there 2 weekends in a row)

Are you excited yet?  Or are you going to act like an 8 year old and ignore me like I did you for the past week?  I would if I were you.  I am rubber and you are glue…

I do have a few excuses for you, if that’ll help :

  • I broke my work laptop.  Like, it won’t turn on.  So I’m working from a cubicle which does not offer me the screen privacy required for blogging & posting embarassing pictures of myself at work.
  • Our Pres & VP were visiting last week, so I was busy doing like, real work and stuff.  Bums, I know.
  • I got violently ill Thursday night.  Like, puke in the middle of the road on my commute home, sick.  (bc I’m sure you wanted to know)  The last time I non-alcohol-related puked I think I was still in a training bra.  So that was fun.
  • I’ve been playing Happy Hostess to the moms, and more recently trying to keep her from hitch-hiking back to Cleveland.
  • I haven’t been running, so all my free time is spent thinking about why I SHOULD be running and why I am instead picking all the peanut m&ms out of B’s trailmix.
  • B still doesn’t know about Once Upon a Lime.  (More on that later)  So even if we had a functioning computer at home (I broke that one too?), I couldn’t blog from there either.

That’s all.  Can we still be friends?

Love me like a fat kid loves Yogurtland?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


10 thoughts on “Excuses Are Like Assholes. I Mean, I Am One.

  1. Wouldn’t a fat kid love Cold Stone seeing as Yogurtland is kinda healthy and less caloric? Or were you being facetious that we don’t love you with the fat = yogurtland? GAhhh! Nevermind.

    I have also been a bad blogger and have had to wrestle with my head to get myself to run anything longer than 6 miles (since 6-8 miles is in the hour-long-ish ballpark but anything more and it’s just a big friggin’ commitment).


  2. Blog secret?! What?!

    Details please.

    Hubz knows about mine. I have a rule of not posting pics of a person on my blog unless they know about it and give me the OK to do. Will your spouse-to-be should freak out over pics of him on the interwebs?!


  3. Can’t wait to hear the story about B not knowing about the blog! If I had one (a blog) I’d probably keep it a secret from the husband for a while though too…


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