How To Keep Your Mother Entertained For 1.5 Weeks While She Visits and You Have to Work

Continuing on with the best-selling* and blogosphereacclaimed* “How To” series from yours truly.  If you missed the previous installments on

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you should probably get on that.  Life-altering advice there.

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My mom is a fairly simple and easy-to-please person.  Give her an oven for baking and a couple dog leashes (dogs themselves not necessarily required) and she could entertain herself for hours/days/weeks.  And she did, because that’s about all I left her with.

( Nominations for daughter of the year can be sent to onceuponalime<at>  Please include “you are a terrible human being and sorry excuse of a host and/or daughter” in the subject line. )

No but really, we had fun.  I mean she left Ohio’s snow, wind, and single-digit temps for a couple afternoons by the pool, Bud Lights at lunch, and hours of fun at the dog park with my unsocial furballs.  How could you complain?  (Minus the whole I-was-gone-at-work-all-day-thing)

I did reign in my inner corporate rebel and left the office a couple days so we could have some quality mother/daughter time.  And that day that I left at 7:30am and didn’t get home until 10pm?  B pinch-hit for me and took her to Johnny Rockets and a movie.  (I know, he’s a keeper.)

Here are a few highlights, including our consolation prize for getting snubbed at the Ellen Show (WB Studio Tram Tour) :

If you’d like to send your mother, MIL, or any other family member/person of interest for a vacation full of sitting in my apartment alone with my dogs and maybe walking across the street for dinner once or twice, contact me, I’ll send you pricing info.  A mini-vacay with Sarah S-T-B would make a great stocking stuffer.  Plus, if you haven’t heard, Luxury All-Inclusive Vacations are SOOOO last year.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


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