OUa(L) Gets a Face Lift

I decided this morning OUa(L) needed a little freshening up.  It was sort of the same feeling I get when I haven’t washed my hair for 5 days.  You know that feeling?  Yes you do.  Unfortunately I couldn’t just dump some baby powder on it and throw it in a ponytail, so I pushed up my sleeves and dug in.

3 minutes after testing out a new theme, I got the following email from EB, who obviously had nothing better to do at work but obsessively stalk my blog :

From: Erin ———
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:43 AM
To: Sarah ———

Not sure if I’m digging your new layout..

Since I’m a pushover and care too much about what others think, I immediately changed it back.  Just kidding.  Well I did change it, but I was kidding about the first part.  So yeah.  Theme-changing cold feet I guess.

There are a few changes though, which EB did not proclaim her most sincere hatred for so I think they might stay.  Most importantly, there are more (really pretty, might I add) pictures of me on the homepage.  Second most importantly, an updated [ On Running ] page (which, ahem, includes new pictures of me).

Also, if you’re new around here or have just been too lazy in the past, check [ Who is Sarah Soon-To-Be? ] and [ A Love Story ] for a better idea of who I am and just what the hell is going on around here.  If you need additional assistance I suggest chugging a couple beers, putting your pants on backwards, and lighting a crazy candle.  That’ll set the mood.

Tata friends.  It’s 5:00 in Ohio and I’ll be there on Sunday so I think that’s close enough to counting it as 5:00 in California now.

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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