Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon & Roadkill Jerky

Watch out, Ohio – Sarah Soon-To-Be is en route.  Get rid of some of that snow and cold weather before I get there, will ya?  I didn’t pack a winter coat.  (bc I don’t have one)

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Last weekend B & I made a short overnight trip to Vegas.  His parents were in town for a wedding and we decided we liked them enough to make the 8 hour round trip drive to spend some time with them.

I was thrilled to see the cowboys were still in town!  My homeboys.

We’re all pretty big Food Network fans, and even though I’m a diehard Michael Symon fan (Cleeeeeveland!) I couldn’t turn down their offer of dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa GrillTruth be told the could have offered me a stale sandwich or a bag of peanuts from the sundry shop – I’m really not one to turn down free food.

We treked (cabbed) over to Caesar’s where we were greeted by some very festive, and very naked, Grecians.

And while we waited for our table, I forced everyone to the bar that was showing the rodeo live and was full of “my people”.  Let’s just say when it was time to be seated they practically ran to the restaurant.  Maybe because I yelled “YEEEHAAAWWWWW” everytime a bull was released.


((or am I?))

At the house BFlay built.  Inside the house Caesar built.  Inside the city sinners & prostitutes built.

After dinner we headed back to Mandalay Bay (yes we were actually supposed to be there this time) and took in the views from the Mix Lounge patio, high atop 64 stories of Las Vegas nighttime beauty…

Food comas make for a terrific night’s sleep.  It’s like the dead-to-the-world, don’t move an inch, kind of slumber after a night of heavy drinking, but without the I-hate-myself feeling in the morning.

On the way home the next morning we mad a pit stop in Baker, CA for a little Christmas shopping.  I’m certain that person is reading this, and hope (s)he doesn’t know it’s him/her.  Act surprised Christmas morning anyways, please!

Now I just have to figure out how to wrap that darn coin-operated UFO…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon & Roadkill Jerky

  1. Have you been to the Mad Greek in Baker? It’s just alright – next time I think I’ll stop at the jerky place – I wanted to when we were driving out to St George but jerky didn’t seem like a good sustenance for lunch. Not unless we also bought 4 gallons of water and a portable john.


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