“winter” & WINTER.

You’re tired of excuses from me, aren’t you?  Good. Because I don’t have one.  I won’t pretend like spending time with friends and family I haven’t seen in months (some, years) has been less important than blogging.  Although I love y’all, you know that.

The good news is, B’s parents (who obv are my favorite soon-to-be in-laws, ever) got us a laptop!  So I will be able to secretly blog from home, and not just while I’m supposed to be working.  The better news is that I think I re-broke my work computer.  Could somebody in OH keep an eye on the IT dept and make sure they don’t send an anthrax telegram out here?

I trust y’all had a lovely holiday and you’ve read enough about everybody else’s so you’re ready to move on.  I figured so, and since I’m super thoughtfull I put together a photo-heavy storybook version of my trip home.  Words, shmwords.

Sarah S-T-B’s Holiday Trip Favorites :


PBR, in the Pub @ GLBC, Ralphie's Christmas Bock, present to Dad (he shared)

What, you think there’s anything to do in Corntown, OH when it’s below freezing, other than drink beer?  (Maybe we’re too lazy/drunk to come up with something else…)



Gifts that come with instructions


Mom knew I’d pack my suitcase full of shoes and sweatpants and wouldn’t have room for presents, so she gave us cash.  Also firm instructions to use it on the above items, and not just put it towards the wedding (she knows me too well)

Driving on unplowed country roads

Impromptu visits to the brewery (yes, MORE beer)

Time w friends @ the local watering hole Christmas with B's side


Blurry self-photos w my favorite Mini Twin

Voted 'Best Present of 2010' : Box o Gu

My visit was SOOOO nice and much-needed.  I’ll be honest though and say the massive dumping of snow made it a little easier to come back to sunny SoCal yesterday.  B&I keep saying, if we could bring just 10 of our favorite people out here with us, we’d stay forever.  Not a single doubt or reservation in my mind.  Obv if we could bring everybody here and just sort of take over the OC Midwest style – shotguns and PBRs in hand – we would, but I’m a little worried about Governor Arnold retaliation if we tried…

Sarah Soon-To-Be

2 thoughts on ““winter” & WINTER.

  1. I know that ‘Cow Stout’ – it’s good stuff! Pizza Port Carlsbad or San Clemente? Boy do I love me some Pizza Port. It’s been too long.

    I got my dress at David’s Bridal, too, btw. On a bit of a whim. They actually had my exact size so I also bought it on the spot.



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