Mooorrree Wedding Talk! (Menu Tasting)

While B & I were in Ohio for the holidays we squeezed a trip up to our wedding venue – The Arcade at the Hyatt in downtown Cleveland – for a menu tasting.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you offer to feed me, I will show up.  Pinky promise.

We fought the unplowed country roads and Lake Effect Snow and pulled up to the historic building with some time to spare, despite getting a late start (whoopsies – my bad, again). 

The ceremony and cocktail (half)hour will take place at the top of the stairs (I’ve been promised the giant Christmas tree will be gone by July) and the dance floor & band will be at the bottom, with the dining area and bar finishing up the other end.

(I’ve also been promised the umbrella’d food court tables will NOT be part of our decor.)

The venue is much more regal than our style, but I love its historic charm and the architectural details (hellooooo, look at that skylight!).  Plus the location couldn’t be better, and we’re able to have the ceremony, reception party, and guest accomodations all in the same place.  Rehearsal dinner is a short walk (even in heels) and the after-party is just across the street! 

Anyways, the menu tasting.  Everything was DIVINE.  Seriously.  So good.  The catering manager and head chef did such an incredible job deciphering my hodge-podge of requests, frantic changes, and nonsense emails – I hope for their sake not every bride is as scatter-brained as I have been.  Yikes!

Along with glasses of Canvas by Mondavi Chardonnay and Merlot (which B liked, and is NOT a wine drinker), we tasted our way through :

domestic cheese plate (we both passed on the bleu – ick stinky cheese)

3 salads (caesar, bibb, chop) and fresh baked breads

3 pastas (orecchiette w/ spinach & sundried tomato in a basil pesto sauce, penne in a spicy mascarpone sauce, and house-made portabella ravioli)

& an herb roasted whole chicken (took B’s word on it, obv) and roasted fresh green beans

After many rough drafts we finally found a blend that will work for all types of eaters – dieters, super carnivores, carb-lovers, finicky eaters, and complex palates.  With the small plates they’ll be able to create whatever balance of protein/carb/veg that their belly desires, which I am so proud of.  (I’m boasting about our menu as if it’s our child?)

When asked if there were any changes we’d like to make, B & I were silent.  No.  Absolutely not.  Final check mark.  Menu – DONE.

Triple stamp, no erasies.  Antiquitsies!

Sarah Soon-To-Be

(Hyatt Bonus Points : since they prepped enough food to feed an army and not 2 people at lunchtime, there was SOOO much food leftover.  We barely put a dent in it, despite face-stuffing.  I felt really terrible about the waste, until chef said they donate to a local church kitchen.  Some lucky folks got a really nice after-Christmas meal, which warmed my icy little heart.  Holiday philanthropy for the win!)


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