2011 Will Kick ’10s Ass

Happy New Year Y’all!  2011 is bound to be a fantastic year.  I think that probably, most everyone says that the first week of January.  I’m not one of those, bc I’m like the anti eternal optimist, so it’s big deals that I’ve got such high expectations for ’11 :

  • 25th birthday (and the end of astronomical under-age surcharges on rental cars!)
  • Bachelorette Party in Vegas with all of my favorites
  • Hello, Married Life!  (07.03.11 in case you forgot)
  • Honeymooning in Costa Rica (although it hasn’t been finalized yet.  Chickens… hatched… whatev)
  • Injury-free Marathon (if it doesn’t happen on try #3, I promise I’m quitting)

I’ve been busy putting together my goals/resolutions/quit-sucking-at-life-list and am bound and determined to not only stick to them, but track them.  Google Documents and I will be bff’s all year, pinky promise.

Gratuitous photo from our San Diego New Years (more on that later) ((bet you wish you had a nickel everytime I said that)) ;)

Where's my hat?


Question of the day to my fellow lushes : Do you suffer from squinty-eye syndrome?

It’s scientifically impossible for me to keep my eyelids past half-mast after 3 drinks.  Or smile normal or not look like I have burly lumberjack arms.


3 thoughts on “2011 Will Kick ’10s Ass

  1. Screw 2010. Your 2011 is going to kick 1986-2010’s ass.

    I combat squinty eyed syndrome by opting to day drink on frequent occasions. I find that if I avoid combining exhaustion AND alcohol, I can avoid the dead-girl look.


  2. I don’t have squinty eyes but I get a lazy eye. Like one is closed a little more than the others in photos. UGH. Looks horrid.



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