Last (daytime) Adventure of 2010 : Whale Watching

What better way to finish off the year than with a 2 hour whale watching tour on a perfectly sunny, winter day in SoCal?

(Especially if you purchased a Groupon dirt cheap 6 months ago and it was going to expire that day)

I thought I was conning BHibs into tagging along on a dorky excursion.  She squeeled and said whale watching is on her bucket list.

Exit, Cheap Groupon Monger Award.  Enter, Best Friend Forever Award.

We pulled up to Dana Wharf in Dana Point (remember?  we ran the Turkey Trot there) and were both a little skeptical.  But you know, whatevs.  If it really sucked we’d just pull a page out of the S & BHibs playbook and make fun of other people and say inappropriate things just loud enough for passerbys to look over in disgust and shake their heads.  (That one’s BHib’s specialty.  It’s usually not intentional.)

… Or we could drink.

The wind was pretty fierce (hair-in-face proof above) so it was pretty chilly – bumer, man.

The guy next to us silently threw up into a plastic bag the entire trip – major bums.  man.

We didn’t see any whales – bums…  But we did see this :

Arrrrh Arrrh!  (That’s my sea lion voice)  p.s. How gorge is the coastline?  I <3 you SoCal.

And a pod of 200-300 Common Dolphins!  They played and jumped and swam alongside the boats for like, 30 minutes.  It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Evidence of super-high excitement levels :

Dana Wharf Groupon : WIN!  The captain and crew were all super friendly and fun, and everybody was respectful to Pukey McPukerson, which I thought was nice.  BHibs asked if we could go “again! again!” but we had a fun-filled NYE planned in San Diego, so we hit the road.

First Mate Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “Last (daytime) Adventure of 2010 : Whale Watching

  1. Sea lions! What a nice day, this was in the OC recently? All I’ve been seeing is clouds!

    Thanks for sharing, I get seasick easily so don’t think I would ever go whale watching.



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