Bachelorette Party = BOOKED (aka Type A Wins Again)

There’s some big stuff happening on the wedding front.

First of all, our awesome-jawsome cover band is BOOKED!  Phew, that’s been on my to-do list for a while now.  They sent over their set list and can I PLEASE just try and explain my excitement about the variety?  Weezer, Brit Spears, Patrick Swayze, Poison, Tiffany, and Maroon 5… seriously all over the place.

Secondly, the wedding website has been updated and is ALMOST finished.  It’s been a work in progress for like, 10 months.  Guess it’s a good thing we extended the engagement afterall.  Anyways I’m just waiting on B’s parts (apparently it’s tough to write when you don’t sit in front of a computer all day?) and then we’ll give the official launch.  And by “official launch” I mean it’s actually been hanging out on the interwebs this and we put the URL on our Save the Dates so everybody’s just been visiting a half-assed website.  I’ll post the link once the checkered flag falls (I don’t watch Nascar) ((but if you really want to see it now… )

Lastly, and probably most importantly, Viva La Bachelorette Party has been officially set in motion – our suite at MGM is booked!  I got a little obsessive about it, actually.  (Well, we were talking about Type A earlier, after all.)  I originally told L and EB to take the reigns and that I was STAYING OUT of the planning.  Ha.


EB emailed me this morning asking what my “credentials” were bc they were going to start looking into hotels.  I replied with,

Non-negotiable : A sweet pool w/ a good bar.  Near the center of the strip.  2 adjoining rooms or a suite that can sleep 7.  $275/night total or less.  Smoke free rooms.

Preferred : room patio

Optional : casino-less

When she asked if I had any suggestions…


And there was some more back-and-forth (obv we were very diligent workers this AM), and there was her saying “why don’t you just do it then” and me saying “no – I want you guys to do it” and then there was a suite suggestion and I said yeah sounds good, go ahead and look into it…

And then 2 hours later I was putting my CC info online after talking to a res agent on my lunch break.  So there goes that.  I pinky promise they’re making their own flights though…

(ok I did look into that too)

Dang Type A.

Dang desk job.

Wet Republic, MGM’s party pool


Calling all Vegas afficinados!  We need serious splurge-worthy show recommendations and cool things to do on the cheap.  If there’s a show everyone is dying for, we could probably forego eating for a couple days to save up.  And NO I will not see Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under.  It’s like the zoo, but mostly-naked men instead of wild animals.  Plus, I can’t be held responsible for EB falling in love with another Aussie

 Sarah Soon-To-Be


7 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party = BOOKED (aka Type A Wins Again)

  1. You must go see Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil. I saw it when I was in Vegas and it was totally amazing! That would be my only suggestion on the whole show front. I don’t gamble so I don’t know much about casinos or anything. Oh, and ride the roller coaster on top of New York, New York (at least, I think that is where it was) if you can.

    Run on. And good luck controlling the Type A tendencies – I know I can’t!


  2. Just catching up with you.

    Yay, it’s exciting hearing about the bachelorette party :) I might have to split my friends and do two so that it doesn’t get too crazy. High school friends up and college/sororiy friends are different crowds.

    As for shows, I’ve seen the Cirque shows…it was good but not great. I watched “O”, paid $160 for each ticket, it was great but not $160 great. I heard the Beattles one was good. Man…I’m a tough to one to impress.

    I’m not doing strippers either. We went to Olympic Gardens last year for a friends bachelorette, it was fun watching her…but not my style. I’m more the dancing all night and have fun with my friends type of bachelorette.

    Sending you email for our lunch date :)


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