New Year, New Dog! (A San Diego NYE Story)

You know what’s fun about San Diego?  Everyone is so chill and laid back about EVERYTHING – nobody has an agenda –  and it seems like NOBODY works.  Everybody is friendly and knows each other and brings their mutt dogs to restaurants.

Do you know what drives me crazy about San Diego?  All of the above.  (minus the dog part)

Where are my fellow Type A-ers?  I know y’all are cringing at the thought of waking up in the morning without a plan, only to end up at a 4-hour breakfast, with 10 (ends up being 20) friends and leaving with a stray dog the restaurant owner found the night before.  (Not me.  SDFriend took it.)

A square foot breakfast appetizer...

Stray dog Bruce

But yeah, that’s exactly what happened this January 1.  To be honest, I was too beer-soggy to care about where I left my OCD.  I just wanted some food, some coffee, and.. oh!  mimosas?  ok, I’ll have one of those too.

The night before was a success, if you forget about the “Trail of Tears”, which BHibs so lovingly coined our walk home from the bar.  I dropped my phone about 49 times and complained about my feet the entire way.  Oh wells, the price we pay for beauty(/drunkness)…

When there are no full-length mirrors, you take pictures to check your outfit isn't heinous. When you have dogs, they get in the way.

SD Friend's roommate w a different dog. There were more dogs than people I think.

SDFriend, me, BHibs

Happy New Year! Love, Squints.


And then B flew back to Cali from Ohio.  Good start to the year, I say.

Do y’all NEED an agenda?  A to-do list?  A plan?  Type A shout out!    I deemed this weekend our “relax and do nothing weekend” but somehow there’s already a fully-compiled list of things I plan to do saved on my phone?  Woopsies.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Dog! (A San Diego NYE Story)

  1. I think I either need to borrow some of your OCD or move down to SD. My ideal life would be one of no schedules or “agenda”. Pshh…”agenda”…I hate that word! Schedules dictate my life and I would love to wake up whenever, do whatever the day brings, spend 2 hours eating a meal. I could be very happy living that way. Don’t throw your phone loaded with “lists” at me please. It’ll disrupt my agenda for the day.


  2. Ooops, and congrats on the dog. There does seem to be more dogs than people. People need to take better care of their pets, they might rule the world one day. I know my 7 lb dog rules my world.


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  4. I do sometimes wonder how it is people live in SD and seem to not have anywhere to be during the week. I mean, I am one of the poor schmucks here that has to work, but maybe everyone else is just living off rich parents? Independently wealthy? Living off credit cards? Homeless? I don’t know.


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