New Series : The Shower Report

I’ve realized that lots of people start a blog to be held accountable for something.  Their eats, their workouts, their spending, their spouses (what?)… etc.  Well, I don’t want want to be left out. 


Today’s Score :

Bodywash  :  1             Shampoo  :  0

bonus points : braid from last night’s yoga sesh still in tact.  (sorta.)

I’m sure my coworkers will appreciate a little more hygiene-accountability on my part…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


5 thoughts on “New Series : The Shower Report

  1. Umm the picture kinda looks like the grudge is about to pop out and get me thru my computer screen!
    As long as the body wash smells good its a win win for you coworkers! My desk is way apart from everyone elses… I wonder if they are trying to give me a hint that I need some bodywash :/

    P.S. I tried to send you a cupcake but I ate it on the way to the post office :( it started with just a little taste of the frosting and next think you know its gone!


  2. In reply to your comment on my blog, the Groupon I purchased is for the studio in Costa Mesa (@The Camp). I would have loved to have you see me sweat. Umm..but, probably best that we are at different studios because I have a sensitive to BO. LOL! Funny how a lack of bathing makes you look like a serial killer. BO is deadly!



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