Recent Frugal & Philanthropic Efforts

All that (plus a small bag of undocumented granola) ((bc I ate it in the car on the way home)) for $21.17!!  If that isn’t the biggest Grocery Store W-I-N you’ve ever seen, we need to talk.  And you probably need to lay off the 5-finger discounts.  But really, 5 lbs of oranges for $.94?!  Sprouts you are my produce heaven.

I used my fruits&veg savings as justification for this recent purchase :

Actual photo taken at my desk. New camera is


I’d been looking into getting a pair of Tom’s for a while, but was hesitant since I have monstrous feet and don’t like wearing shoes without socks.  When I impulsively stopped in the store a few days ago and tried them on I could hear the little shoeless kids in some 3rd world country begging me to buy them.  So I did.

For $47.85 (w/ tax) I got a comfortable pair of everyday flats, and a child in need somewhere far far away gets a pair, too.  Although barefoot running is all the rage here, children in developing countries are at risk for diseases, infections, and painful injuries because they’re living without protection on their poor little feet.  And on top of that, some areas don’t allow student in school without shoes!

Toms One For One Movement has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes since their founding in 2006.  My contribution last week certainly won’t be my last, and I hope someday we’re all walking around in matching Toms, saving the world one pair at a time.

What have your shoes done lately?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


10 thoughts on “Recent Frugal & Philanthropic Efforts

  1. LOOOOVE me some Sprouts! I feel like it’s Christmas everytime I walk in there AND my bank account doesn’t hate me when I walk out! Definitely a win :) Nice work Frugalista!


  2. I LOVE shopping at Sprouts! They have some great deals. I go there because I cannot afford to chop at Whole Foods.

    So wearing socks is optional with those shoes? Hmm, I may have to look into that. I think my sister has that exact same pair.


  3. Our Frazier Farms down here used to be a Spouts (guess it got bought out). I love those stores, Sprouts, Henry’s, etc. So cheap!!! My routine is produce and meats at Henrys, canned goods/chips/dairy at Fresh and Easy. Our weekly bill is around $60-70. Usually includes 3 bottles of vino ($3-6 range), too.


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  5. We have the same Keurig! Also, I am clueless on cutting a mango. I tried a couple months ago, but I’m not sure the mango was at its most perfect ripeness. Guess I should stick with precut or dried. I’ve never tried Toms before.



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