(Semi-Permanent) Cali <3

Can I get serious and kind of emotional on y’all for a second?  Ok I don’t know why I asked, I’m going to anyways.  It’ll be quick, swearsies.

We’ve been in Cali for almost 10 months now.

We’re both at jobs we love with great companies.  We’ve managed to meet some pretty awesome people out here, despite our recluse-like approach to society.  And the opportunities for traveling and incredible experiences (hello, paddle boarding) are unlike anything we could have dreamt of doing in NE Ohio.

Despite all of the challenges, stressors, and drastic changes we’ve been through, we’re thoroughly enjoying our new life on the West Coast and consider ourselves truly lucky to be here.

Now with all that being said, maybe you’ll want to punch me for being an ungrateful and insatiable bitch for saying this, but here it goes anyways…

It’s really hard living 2,000 miles away from homeKnowing you can’t be by a friend’s side at the drop of a hat when they need you most.  Trusting a picture message from the dressing room of Macy’s when mom picks out her Mother of the Bride outfit.  Wanting to text your sister at 10pm only to remember it’s 1am her time (even though she’s most likely still up).  Accidentally catching prime time tv spoilers on Facebook when the show hasn’t aired here yet. 

Realizing life is short & your time with loved ones is limited, and made sparse by the fact that you do not own a private jet and can’t fly cross-country whenever you want.

Trust me, we knew we’d have tough times when we decided to take on this adventure.  We also knew we’d regret it for the rest of our lives if we didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

And even during our time of severe penny pinching, we realize that if we need to go home, we can.  Plane tickets aren’t cheap, but how can you put a price on face-time with the people you love?

We know we won’t be here forever.  One day we’d like to actually OWN a home that actually has a YARD.  Neither of those are possibilities for us here in Orange County.  At least not realistically.  Unless we win the lottery or start robbing banks.  (We watched The Town last night.  Seems like an unlikely option.)

We’re going to be fine out here.  I have to keep reminding myself that.  As long as I keep looking out at the sunshine and this beautiful place we call home (for now), I think I can believe it.

And when you get pictures like this from back home … :

thanks, Jennifer :)

… While you’re at Santa Monica Pier enjoying the sunshine, sushi, and ice cream :


… It makes it kind of hard to regret any of it.

Yesterday Kate wrote about her friend, Katie, that took a leap of faith to chase her dreams to Nashville in hopes of becoming a singer.  Every single one of Katie’s songs are so heartfelt and resonate with me so deeply I seriously think we might be long-lost soul sisters.

After confessing my love for Chicago Summer Nights on Twitter, Katie replied right away.  Love that, btw.  Social media is pretty awesome.  After a few messages Katie suggested I listen to ’85 Degrees’, a song she wrote for her girlfriends that moved from Chicago to LA.  I mean, I couldn’t have really said it any better myself :

The weather is fine, and the beauty it would blow your mind…

But California’s not what I thought it would be,

Despite the sun always shining on me…

I thought by now my heart would grow

To love this place where it never snows,

Cause you know how the winters made me cry…

Things seem to be the same,

Maybe it’s cause the seasons don’t change…

Home is where the heart is, but I’ll take an extended vacation if it comes with January trips to the beach and outdoor runs year-round…


9 thoughts on “(Semi-Permanent) Cali <3

  1. I’ve been here more than 10 years now. Sometimes I miss my home state (MA), but, not that much anymore. Maybe because I’m an only child and my parents decided to move out here when they retired. I love California. My husband I think misses home in PA quite a bit, but his brother is up in LA, so, it softens it, I think. I don’t think we’re leaving, at this point. The quality of life is so much better here to me than where I grew up. And, yeah, my commute is kinda crappy but it’s the price I pay for a good-sized house and yard and I’m OK with that. I’d rather drive 15 minutes more each way and have a yard.


  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself either! I moved here in August for grad school, and while I LOVE that I don’t need a super heavy down coat and don’t have to worry about frostbite while waiting at the L stop, I miss the snow, the comfort of the Midwest. I’m still adjusting, but I think I like this place…at least temporarily (and as long as I can frequent the city [and boy] that stole my heart in Chi ;)


  3. I’ve lived in Cali almost my entire life. I’d miss it terribly if I were to move away. And as hard as it is to believe, nothing is warmer than your family and friends’ love, not even Socal. Love that pic of you at Santa Monica pier. Looks like a perfect day.


  4. Hey Lovely Lime! Er-Sarah! It has been a while..I just now had a chance to check my much-outdated blog :( I hope you guys had a fabulous holiday season and that wedding plans are still chugging along :)


  5. As a native SoCal girl, I completely understand. I lived on the east coast for four years, I even lived in a different country for a little while, and as exciting and adventurous as it was, I can’t imagine not being near my family. And it just wasn’t home.

    I didn’t grow up with seasons, and I think snow is pretty to look at and play in but that’s as deep as my love goes for the white stuff.

    There’s something about home…family, friends…it’s tough. But I think it’s easier to enjoy being out here knowing that you WILL move back one day.


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  7. I COMPLETELY relate. This is pretty crappy – but more people in my life have died since moving to California than my entire life in Michigan. It’s pretty crappy OVERALL, but I really do hate that I can’t just go to see my friends at the drop of a hat, or spend more time with my brothers. It breaks my heart, really.

    But, I’m feeling pretty damn smug when it’s 70 here and 20 there :) I have often told my husband, “Well, we just need to make enough money so we can get back there as much as possible!” I really do love living here…everyone else should move out here :)



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