Sarah The Drunken Acrobat

Shampoo : 0

Baseball Hat : 1

Today’s Shower Report is dedicated to Erika from Newlyweds on a Budget who was nice enough to be seen with me in public looking like the hooded creature from the black lagoon.  I promise next lunch date I’ll try to be less embarassing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey, in case you were worried after last post, you can call off the suicide watch.  Stupid hormones.  Sorry for the brief lapse into the Land of Feelings & Emotions – I promise not to go back there for a long time.

(like, maybe next month)


Know what’s fun?  Meeting up with long-lost friends.  Especially when you’re on a business trip alone.  I mean I’m not against walking around and drinking by myself in Vegas, but it’s a little less ‘ I-Need-AA-&-Maybe-a-Sugar-Daddy ‘ when you have company.

Plus you have somebody that can bail you out of jail if you get arrested for climbing the statue outside the Mirage.  (I didn’t really, mom, promise.)

(Back story : being in “the big city” with hometown friends and a few too many beers sometimes results in me climbing big things.  I’m submitting this to the police dept as a suggestion for new field sobriety tests…)

TRUE STORY : Kory was my first ever boyfriend.  I know, right?  We had a budding 6th grade playground romance that unfortunately fizzled out before we were old enough to know about PMS, or Vegas, or that the older kids weren’t talking about kickball when they talked about “second base”.

Luckily I eventually forgave him for breaking up with me at recess because “his Grandma was dying” (she was NOT – actually, I think she’s still alive) because we were BFFs in high school.  Then life happened, we fell out of touch, he joined the Air Force & moved to Vegas, and we both got engaged.  And now here we are, 6 years later, acting like 12 year olds again.  Happy ever after.

(undocumented are the 10 miles of Strip-walking in flip flops, and SEVERE hangover I worked & traveled with the next day.  Fun times come at a cost, especially when you’re 24, going on 64 like me.)

Going Paddle Boarding again this weekend – who wants to come with?  I pinky promise not to go all American Gladiator Joust-Master on you when you stand up the first time…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “Sarah The Drunken Acrobat

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  2. Yeah, I had a sorority sister that, while drunk, in the middle of the night, climbed and sat on our Alma Mater (a statue of this Greek looking women in robes on the huge library steps). Naked. She was a hoot.



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