You Asked About Running?

This won’t be long – I’m on the clock.  B’s downstairs working out and I spent the first 30 min getting stalk-distracted by Google Reader.  Dang y’all.

I haven’t talked about running for a while.  Does anybody really care?  If you’d prefer, I’ll just continue talking about alcohol-induced idiocracy and avoiding getting a criminal record.  Doesn’t that sound like more fun than stress-rambles about “ohmahgawd how am i gonna run 22 miles and mmmm my carbs were so good and OHHH i’m injured again


Suddenly I can’t decide if self mutilation to my liver or to my knees sounds more appealing.

Well here’s the deal with the whole run-thang, at least as it stands now :

  • No Sausage-Encasing Wedding Dress
    • This means having an exercise “routine” that is not 99% running.  Bc ya’know, that pit-flab sits real nicely on top of my strapless gown right now and even the Phoebe run can’t reign those in on their own…

  • … So I Shall Lift, I Shall Cross-Train, I Shall Gym
    • Like I confessed somewhere (no link bc hellowww TIME CRUNCH) I’ve gotten kinda geeked on the yoga thing, and I went and bought myself a super cheap-o bike (stay tuned for debut) so YAY cross training!  And also, ow my crotch.

  • I Can’t “Just Say No”
    • … To races that start outside my apartment.  Or a good cause.  Soooo I am signed up for the PCRF (Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation) Half Marathon that starts literally across the street from our complex.  Race is May 1, I plan to implement a “training plan” around uhhhhh April?  Maybe.  It’s got PR written all over it.


  • Third Time’s The Charm
    • I planned on Marathon Attempt #3 happening in October at Long Beach.  But, [wahh wahhhh] looks like honeymooning in Costa Rica might get in the way.  (p.s., SUAR – I vote C.R., and that you report back to me immediately so I can copy-cat your itinerary kTHANKS ‘preciate it.)  More on that once we actually finalize something, bc ya’know, the jinx thing?
      • Oh, right.  Marathon.  So yeah, that’ll happen.  … Sometime.  In the meantime I’m trying to be nice to my early-onset arthritic body.  (24 going on 64, remember?)

So that’s that.  I’m truly sorry if you only come here for magic tricks to prevent chaffing, awesome running giveaways, and spiritual guidance to get you through your 20 milers.  Also, email me so I can refer you to a mental health professional.  Or hookd on phonics.  You’re clearly a little cornfused.

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Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “You Asked About Running?

  1. i would never say no to a half marathon that started next to my apartment. hell, i have trouble saying no to half marathons that start 3000 miles away from my apartment. no judgement here.



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