“Tell Someone You’re Not a Runner Anymore”

… I told Twitter that (the post title) was my secret for having a really jawesome run.  I also suggested not washing your hair for 3 days, but after a bit of research it turns out that doesn’t increase your aerodynamics like I thought it might…

Saturday afternoon (after telling y’all I’m going cross-train nazi on you) I laced up my Brooks, threw on a tank and tempos, grabbed Garmin, and headed out the door.  The weather was gorgeous and I had energy to burn so I promised to kick my own ass with some mile repeats.

After almost two full days off (and having finally recovered from my statue climbing hangover) my legs were itching to go FAST.  I tried to slow them down, but still lapped mile 1 at 8:08.  (Moment of silence for my 9:30 marathon pace, please).  At that point I threw all hopes of negative splitting out the window, and chalked the almost-8 as a win in my speed book.

After walking for 2 minutes, mile 2 clocked at 8:02.  WTF?

During my next walk break I wasn’t thinking about neg splits anymore, I just wanted to run a damn 8 minute mile.  That hasn’t happened since I bonked at my first 10K last summer.

About half way through the next mile I had to start willing/bribing/threatening my legs to keep moving.  I pushed the last .2 and checked mile 3 at 7:59.

Did a 2-step/c-walk/dougie(?) and reminded myself I had another mile to get home.  I was all jacked up on mt dew endorphins so I took off on a dead sprint and lapped mile 4 at 7:47.  BOOYAH “non-runner” Sarah.

It felt so good to feel accomplished after a run again.  After completing my first marathon I seriously thought I’d tapped out of running milestones.  I’d been so tunnel-visioned on distance for so long, that reaching new mileage was really the only tangible result I had been paying attention to.  Now that I’m working on speed and shorter distances, I feel refreshed and invigorated to take on a whole new set of challenges.

Bring on the negative splits, the PR’s, and the “I-ran-so-hard-I’m-gonna-vom” feelings…

Oh, and bring on the other Half I just signed up for :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be

disclaimer : because I know you’re super worried about my “sausage-encasing wedding gown”, I’m still planning to keep my cross-training & yoga-ing.  It’s just getting a little too close to race season to not get excited about running again :)


6 thoughts on ““Tell Someone You’re Not a Runner Anymore”

    • Oh you stop! A PR is a PR regardless of the time – isn’t that why running is great? You’re only cometition is yourself! (Unless you try and beat the women in the front in racing briefs, then you’re just retarded)


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