Somebody Punch Me

I just re-read my 21 miler post back from the blissful days of pain-free training for the Nike Women’s Marathon.

Will somebody please come to my office and punch me in the face?  And block and any site that has the word “Marathon” in it?  Please send help, I’m getting the itch.

Or I could stop reading all the rainbows/butterflies posts and remember the other 95% of the time which sounds like this, this, this, or oh yeah, this.

OR, I could quit reading my own blog like a loser and do something productive on my lunch break.  Like book the honeymoon?  Choose a linen rental company?  Schedule a dermatologist appointment so I don’t have 12 year old boy acne on my wedding day?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “Somebody Punch Me

  1. I vote for making yoru Costa Rica itinerary. I need ideas for ours! i don’t know…should we drive? i don’t really want to do a tour…I want to visit the volcano and the beach…I’m thinking a week and a half. okay–go! : )



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