Honeymoon : BOOKED!

We’re going to Costa Rica, y’all!  Am I allowed to put hiking boots and a khaki vest on our registry?  I’m going to.

I know it’s kind of superfluous to go to Ohio for the wedding AND still go on a honeymoon – Cleveland for a week should be honeymoon enough, I know.  Please spare me the Money Tree Lecture.  I haven’t been living with trashy roots and PBJ dinners the last 8 months to not throw a little cash around unnecessarily.

We decided to leave a few weeks after the wedding for a few reasons :

  • I can’t stand to be away from the pups for 2 weeks straight.  Plus the kennels were all sorts of an overly expensive, disastrous affair last time.  Frankie’s been seeing a therapist to try and work through the trauma
  • I really didn’t want to pack a wedding suitcase AND a honeymoon suitcase.  Check bag fees are expensive, and I can’t hike a volcano in my rehearsal dress, so what’s the point?
  • In case anybody sends us a wedding present I’d like to be at home to open it & play with it immediately, rather than chance it getting yoinked from our doorstep while we’re gone
  • I’m scared of post-wedding depression, and this will ensure our celebrations last an extra 1.5 months

How can you argue with that logic?  Ya can’t.  Actually, you can’t really argue with me about anything.

So, since I know y’all are itching for details…

Our first 2 nights will be spent in our own treehouse plopped in the middle of a wildlife refuge.  No I am not shitting you.

Before you think I’m a super rugged badass, there is plumbing, a/c, and a coffee maker.  The Tree Houses Hotel sits on 8 acres and is incredibly private.  It’s away from the high tourist area, and the 70 acre wildlife refuge is full of hiking trails, waterfalls, and tucked-away little pools that I’m pretty sure don’t have that “you peed in the water!” blue dye stuff.  Phew.

They also promise a homemade breakfast and all the costa rican coffee I can drink.  Oh and toucan and monkey visitors on our patio.  Cha-ching!

From there we’ll take off our country bumpkin pants and lace up our civilized shoes for 5 days at Nayara Hotel, Spas, and Gardens.  It’s been named the “Most Romantic Hotel in Central and South America”, and in the Top 5 Most Romantic in the World.

Ummm, I don’t really do “romantic”, but we can pretend if people are around I guess.  We really chose this hotel because they host excursions themselves and they have a pretty kick ass “Adventure Honeymoon” package.  What, you thought we’d spend the whole time in our patio jacuzzi drinking champagne and looking into each other’s eyes?

Hanging Bridges

Ziplining through the rain forest


Hiking to Arenal Volcano (it's active, people)

Horseback riding

To say we’re excited is an understatment.  To say one of the fattest check marks just got made on my to do list would be one of the truest statements ever made.

Is it August yet?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


6 thoughts on “Honeymoon : BOOKED!

  1. Arenal is GREEEAT!! Make sure to take in the HOT SPRINGS at Tabacon. I repeat: MAKE SURE TO TAKE IN THE HOT SPRINGS AT TABACON. Tabacon is the only way to do it properly. If you do any other way, you have failed.


  2. My friends just went to Costa Rica and LOVED IT! Funny story, they went horseback riding. The leader was the only one who controlled the horses. My friend got peed on by a monkey but couldn’t get the horse to move b/c the leader was still in the middle of a lecture!!!


  3. just came across your blog from skinnyrunner – so i stayed at arenal nayara!!! it was AMAAAZINGGG!!!!! we did zip lining and white water rafting when we stayed there. ENJOY!!!


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