Are you sick of all the accent talk?  Don’t watch this then.  Do you want to see me in all my Sunday glory and make fun of the way I talk?  Go ahead, everybody else does.

(nativity : born & raised in a teensy “village” (too small to be a town or city) about 50 miles SW of Cleveland.  Parents the same.  Spent a lot of time drinking beer from a dropped tailgate around a bonfire, if that has any effect on anything.)

A little proof to back up my “we’re normal” statement :

The accent characteristic of most of the Midwest is considered by many to be “standard” American English. This accent is preferred by many national radio and television broadcasters.  (Gewertz, Ken (12 December 2002).)

A little proof that actually we’re not, and maybe we’re the “special kids” of the Midwest…


The Northern cities vowel shift is a chain shift in the sounds of some vowels in the dialect region of American English known as the Inland North.

If you watch this 6 min video for nothing more than the small guest appearance from Chico, I understand.  Also, if you’re a Pittsburgh fan and you want to lynch me, I guess I asked for that.

And if you’re an academic doing a study on accents and would like me to star as your Midwest/Cleveland girl, send a proposal to my agent.  I’m super busy but I might make some time for you (and I might even change out of my sweats, if you’re lucky.)

Oh and if you’re wondering wtf a potato bug is or why we change the tv channel with the numbers, don’t bother asking, I don’t know.  We were probably drunk when we made it up.

Viva la C-Town!

Sarah Soon-To-Be



  1. You are super cute! You have a great speaking voice. I would do something with the lighting, like sit facing the window so there is more light to your face. Unless your intention was to mimic those anonymous interviewee black out type lighting. I like your couch pillows and I’m so sorry but when your little dog poked his little head into the video, i was distracted and didn’t hear a word you said. Also, I thought those potato bugs were called rolly-pollies. Maybe I am referring to something completely different. Ok, I didn’t have the patience to watch the whole video but in my defense I don’t know what this whole accent thing is about anyways. You’re still super cute. Please don’t call me out.


    • LOL Chris Hansen and a Dateline intro definitely needed to be part of this video.

      And yes, the rest of the world calls them Roly Polies – NE Ohio is apparently the only place that says potato bug. Hey, I never claimed we were smart.


  2. Just watched the video, cute! I could tell a bit of an accent like you said at the end with the vowels but all the words you said sounded normal to me.. I live in Canada though so maybe thats why? I think I’m going to have to watch some of these other accent blogs and see what other people sounds like now lol. oh and with the word lawyer, its funny to me your bro-in-law-to-be says you say it wrong, cause I work for a lawyer and everyone I know says it the same way you do.


  3. Drinking beers from a dropped tailgate DOES have something to do with it! Says the girl who talks more country than anyone she knows…. You sound super cute and I couldn’t really hear an accent, but, then again, I have a Texas/Country accent, so, maybe I am not the best person to vote on this?



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