Surprise Long Runs – Fueled by Snickers

On Saturday I ran 6.2 – because everyone in the world seemed to be racing that weekend, and I wanted to pretend I was too.  Plus that’s what B did on the treadmill that AM, and I couldn’t let him one-up me.  I felt good about my positive-split-y, had to stop at 4.5 to stretch, dead-to-the world afterwards run because it marked a PDR (personal distance record) since the RnR Vegas Half back in Dec.  I was making progress.

Yesterday afternoon I randomly decided I wanted to test out my distance legs.  Inspired by Emily’s first post-boot double-digiter, Kelsey’s 18 mile date w the dreadmill, and Kate’s awe-inspiring Surf City Marathon race… I set out on my favorite trail to see how far my fresh pair of Brooks could take me.

Is there anything a new pair of shoes CAN'T do?

My goal was 8 (because that’s what B did Sunday – gotta keep up!) but I knew I’d be pleased w anything more than 6.2.

I felt awesome.  There were so many people out, it was a GORGEOUS afternoon, and the sunset over the bay was freaking breathtaking.  I honestly could have kept going, but I promised B I wouldn’t willingly put myself in kidnapping situations for a run, so I stopped once it got dark.  (As a side note, it should be known we live in the safest city in America, according to the FBI)

To keep this from becoming the longest most pointless post ever, I’ll let this photo do the rest of the talking :

10 miles, 8:47 avg pace.  Fueled by Snickers.

Since I hadn’t planned on doing a long run and left straight from work, I had to improvise in the fuel department.  That fun sized Snickers from the candy jar I honestly think was the magic trick.  (And maybe the FRS I had that afternoon.)  My energy levels stayed sky-high the whole time, my legs never fatigued, and I was 100% in love with running the entire time.  (Even despite some serious thigh-fire chaffing from my stupid UA running skirt)

What’s next on everybody’s race calendar?  Can I come?

…  Pretty please?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “Surprise Long Runs – Fueled by Snickers

  1. I’m so sad I’m not doing the RnR SD full anymore, even though I’m trying to convince myself it would be financially feasible to do the 1/2. I was going to make you run it with me. And let me move in with you for the weekend. HA! Great run, you killed it!


  2. 10 miles woot woot! Snickers is one of my favorite things to fuel with, welcome to the party. In high school swimming my coach used to throw mini snickers at us to gas us through tough sets. We were like little snicker seals catching the chocolate.


  3. Nice pace, girl!

    Next up for me is the Mermaid Half Marathon in Mission Bay this Saturday – looks like it’s going to have some good bling. And it should be flat, though not the most exciting course. Come run it! You can crank out another 3 miles on top of th 10 :o)


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