ROAD ID – Just Buy One, OK?

I rode my bike to work today.  Oh yes I did.  I’m single-handedly solving the nation’s Global Warming Crisis.  And I’m saving $$ on gas and burning 450+ calories each way.  Booyah.

I may or may not need plastic surgery on my lady bits, though.  I have without a doubt the world’s boniest ass, but tried to suck it up and hope I’d eventually “get used to the pain” (and possibility for infertility?)  Anyways I finally caved and ordered a pair of padded shorts on Amazon.  I can’t wait to rock that diaper butt.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m a rebel and like taking risks – like leaving my laundry in the washer overnight and waiting until the very last second to pull over for a pee-stop – but I decided the other day that being kidnapped or dying on a run are two things I should probably stop chancing.

(Even though I doubt my kidnapper would take the time to call the Emergency Contact on my bracelet.  Who knows though, there are some nice people left out there…)

Ok I’m not going to lie to you – I actually just wanted something for my right wrist to match my Garmin tanline.  I’m all about symmetry.

So here’s my mom speech : BUY A ROAD ID.  Just in case.  If you’ve had one since the day you started running, I give you permission to smack my hand for waiting so long.  I turned out ok, but you might not, OKAY?  JUST DO IT.  Especially if you’ve got some crazy medical thing going on.  I really should have put that I hate purple Gatorade on mine, now that I think about.

Ok and if you use code ThanksSarah4192195 you can get $1 off.  That will pay for 67.11% of your shipping costs!  Who doesn’t love free stuff, c’mon?

(Or you can use SkinnyRunner’s ARR6271 and get $2 off.  Your choice.)

((If you’re bad at math, that’ll pay for 134.23% of S/H.  Buy yourself something nice with the spare change))

Momma bird, OUT.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “ROAD ID – Just Buy One, OK?

  1. I really do need one of these. I’m probably going to end up being “that” girl that actually needed to have one but didn’t.

    Also, have a nice race this weekend. I know that you’ve been itching to race. Make it good! I didn’t even know about this race so looking forward to the recap. Also, please review those bike shorts if you get a chance. I also really need a pair of those. I don’t ride my bike enough to develop callouses to not get bike shorts.



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