The Jig Is Up

I’ve told you my plans for printing Once Upon a (L)ime and presenting it to B as a wedding gift – as sort of a literary scrapbook of our engagement.

Well I did a little research today, and as it turns out, there’s a company that does exactly that!  They turn blogs into books!

Well that makes my life easy.  For shits & giggles I had it auto-generate a preview (you just enter your login info and it pulls all your posts together for you!) and man, it looked good.  I got really excited.

Until I saw how many pages it was.



Now, we’ve got 5 months till the wedding, y’all.  This “book” will easily bust past 300 pages by then.  As much as I know B loves me and reading all about my bitchy long runs and not showering, I really don’t think he’ll have the patience to lug around an encyclopedia-sized collection of my musings from the last year and a half.

So, since I’ve been all spontaneous and completely out-of-character this week, I’m pulling the plug on this game.  Once I publish this post I’m putting an order in for a print copy of OUa(L), as it stands today.  Maybe I’ll say it’s a belated Valentine’s Day gift.

(j/k, we don’t celebrate v-day)

And then once he opens it and the initial excitement wears down (I’m expecting a full-blown jump-up-and-down, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me, this is what i’ve always wanted!’ reaction) I’ll be able to write whenever I damn well please.  So you should get excited about that.

Also, I’ve run out of made-up reasons for how I came to meet all these internet strangers in real life.  I highly doubt he’s going to keep buying “oh well I commented on THEIR blog, and they emailed, and then you know, we’re just friends now…”

So there you have it.  My final “secret” post.  Phew.  Feels good to get that out.

What? What I thought we were in the trust tree in the nest, were we not?

Sarah Soon-To-Be

p.s. this technically means I’ll be a published author after tonight.  Just so you know.


6 thoughts on “The Jig Is Up

  1. Wow, this blog2print service is so NEAT! I did a sample and love it! Thanks for sharing about it. Maybe I will print something out one day for all my race recaps. So cool! I’m easily amused!


  2. eee good luck! and that sounds like a really cool idea! blog to book…
    I wanted to do that with my “original” blog, since that’s the one that chronicles how eric and I met and how we decided to get married…etc. but maybe I’ll take out all the previous articles before that that talk about my escapades with other men… um, yeah, i’ll leave that out for the kiddos…


  3. When can I buy your book? You are a published author wahoo!! Girl, I am so so excited for you!! I can’t wait for his reaction….can you take pictures PLEASE!!! He is going to be so excited. Is it expensive to do? No V-day celebrations? LOVE WILL FERRELL….I am talking about him in the post I just finished, we think so alike…now we just need to be best friends in real life. This really is so so exciting. He is going to love the way you write because you are absolutely hilarious! SO happy you like the Format song!



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