I Am a Corporate Bum


Once a week we have a video conference call with our main office in Ohio.  It’s nice to see familiar faces (there are only 3 other people in our CA office with me), but this video-chat thing also comes with a couple sucktastic downfalls :

I am forced into acting like a proper member of the working class and wear something that is not a hooded sweatshirt, and pants that do not have holes in the knees

I am forced to wear makeup as to not appear as a feature-less face with a nappy ponytail on screen

Today was one of those days.  I dressed myself in clothes that were not laying half-dirty on the floor, and even made an attempt to cover all the freshly ripened zits that have littered my apparently pre-pubescent face.  (What gives, seriously?)

So when Ohio’s video feed wasn’t working and it was determined we’d have a normal (boring) conference call, I openly expressed my disgust that I “put on mascara and got dressed up for NOTHING” to my coworker here.

Completely forgot about the speakerphone in the middle of the table.

Yeah, Ohio got a real kick out of that.  I am such a bum.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

p.s.  The OUa(L) print-version order has been placed, and is scheduled to arrive the first week of March.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out, and yes, Janae, I’ll post pictures of B’s reaction ;)

p.s.s. If anybody has any desire to kill a couple trees and turn their blog into a real-life book, I totally suggest looking into blog2print.  It was around $32 (free shipping!) and required about 1 ounce of brain power. 

p.s.s.s. If you’re super rational and not impulsive like I’ve been and would rather wait until I actually receive the book and can give a proper review, good for you and your fully-functioning adult brain.

5 thoughts on “I Am a Corporate Bum

  1. Umm why didn’t you take a photo of your dressed up self to show us? At least you would have gotten some bloggy points out of it. I work at a big ol’ company and I still don’t wear makeup or dress in anything remotely corporate-like. Someone at work actually told me to comb my hair the other day. The nerve!


  2. Don’t even get me started on zits. I never wear makeup. Well, never was until about 2 months ago. My skin is in all-out war with me. It is bad and while I exaggerate about stuff, this I am not exaggerating. I have to retouch all photos that go up on Etsy where my chin is involved (even with makeup). I am seriously considering getting on the pregnant bandwagon just to see if it will clear up my skin. Suuuuuuucks. I can’t even find better words to express the suckiness of it.


  3. 1) I will wait for a review on that blog book thing
    2) pictures of his reaction?? I want video!
    3) hil-ar-i-ous! I can’t believe that happened…I dress down a LOT more now at my new job than I used to at any other job. I still put on a bit of makeup–takes me 3 minutes–and my hair…but I have to actually look presentable most days…blows.


  4. It’s cool. I put on tights and curled my hair and everything since I have a big important meeting this afternoon. Turns out it’s a meeting that involves going for a run (I work for a company that does marathons)–which, great, I’m a runner–BUT–I didn’t know this and thus didn’t bring anything to run in. Unless you count a skirt and four inch heels, in which case I am beyond prepared.



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