Playlist – Mermaid Half Marathon

Tomorrow’s audio support :

I did a few things I normally don’t do when filling my ipod (for races or otherwise).

First, I only included new music.  I’ve got a couple go-to jams that seem to make it on every playlist, for whatever reason.  “Run” by George Strait is one.  Phil Vassar’s “Carlene” is another.  Along with Rihanna’s “Rockster (ft. Slash)“, Eric Church’s “Aint Killed Me Yet“, and DMB’s “You & Me“.  I’m taking a chance leaving my tried-and-true’s off tomorrows line up, but I’m hoping the fresh & varied tunes will keep me entertained.

Second, I took the time to line them up in the order I want to hear them.  I usually leave it on shuffle and chance my race to the music gods of randomness.  This screams a little ‘Type A Alert’ to me, but whatever.  If I want to cross the finish line to Diddy saying I’m coming home, then that’s what’s gonna happen.

Third, I’d like it to be recognized this list is comprised of less than 95% country.  Seems like a trip back home to the sticks is in order to get my roots re-rooted.

I’m about to hop in my car and head down south to stay with SD Friend for the night.  Have no fear, there will be liquid carboloading happening.

Last minute wishes, tips, and begs to save my arthritic body from this masochistic torture are welcomed.  Also, I haven’t decided yet if I want to try running with my camera.  What do you think?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


5 thoughts on “Playlist – Mermaid Half Marathon

  1. I see you are a fan of the explicit songs like me. Ha ha. Right Above It is my newest jam. LOVE IT. You do need to include Black and Yellow in your mix though (even if you are anti-Steeler — it’s such a great running song). Country is great, as long as their is a good beat!

    I leave my iPod on shuffle, but I feel like the line up speaks to me while I am running (yes, I am crazy).

    Good luck tomorrow! Run faster than I ever will :) Oh, and bring your camera. For some reason it makes me run faster — virtually passing that on to you.


  2. My go to song right now is Eminem’s “Not Afraid” song. It gets me thru a HIIT workout on days I just don’t want to do it :)

    Have a good race and have fun tomorrow.

    I’m planning on running the race course the next day since I’m going to be in town a day later, lol! Hey, I can run my own mock race right?


  3. Nice play list! I’ve been thinking about running with music for my next half (april 3). Didn’t for my first two. I would be type a and organize the list too. Then I’d probably stress if I ran out of music before I finished. Did you bring a camera?



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