The No-Train Sequel…

Last night I got an email from Lea regarding her giveaway for the LA Marathon (March 20th) :

Looks like No-Train Half Marathon wasn’t challenge enough.  We’re upping the ante people!  Gear up for my new challenge : 

5 Weeks To Marathon!

Before we get into why this is a really awesome/really bad idea, let’s revisit my “marathoning” past :

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Marathon Attempt #1 (Cleveland) 5.16.10

Training went supremely well – I was strong and healthy, easily hitting my target paces for a 4-hour finish.

Ran the PCRF Half at week 14 and wound up with a serious case of Peroneal Tendonities (aka “broken foot”).

Ran Cleveland anyways, had excruciating knee pain due to overcompensation of the “broken foot” for the final 10 miles.  Hobbled across in 4:25.36

Took an angry month off in preparation for…

Marathon Attempt #2 (Nike Women’s Marathon) 10.17.10

Blah blah blah… training training training… injured again at week 14.  Shin splint.

Ran anyways, survived (with the help of someone special) in 4:17.49.  Shut down for a month to recover.

Marathon Attempt #3 (RnR Vegas) 12.5.10


Didn’t happen.  Dropped down to the half due to afformentioned broken NWM body.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The good

I won’t meet the Week 14 that has plagued me in Marathons of Terrible Memories Past.

My injuries were due to 1) improper form 2) no cross-training and 3) over-training.  All 3 of these issues have been addressed & corrected.

After this weekend’s No-Train Half I realized my body is capable of much more than I think it is, if I’m able to mentally commit and push out of my comfort zone.  (yes, “mentally committing” includes staying up late and a few too many beers). 

The Bad Not So Good

RUNNING A MARATHON IS HARD.  Jumping into this challenge without formal training is risky, and probably kind of stupid.  But we’ve seen how those 16 week plans worked out for me, and as they say, There’s no reward in life without risk.

I realize I can’t just hop out of my lazy-pants and bust out a 26.2 –  this is going to take some serious ass-busting hard work.  I’m ready to push out of my comfort zone and give it my all for 5 weeks – and hopefully show up March 20th to the start line healthy, confident, and EXCITED about running a marathon.

Remember when I said I wasn’t racing much this year?

LOL.  Funny how that worked out…

Get ready for a crazy month, people.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of good/bad/ugly to report on.  Maybe I’ll get a shirt made?  “5 Weeks To Marathon Experiment – IN PROGRESS”

Sarah Soon-To-Be

9 thoughts on “The No-Train Sequel…

  1. Oh sh*t! Well, um, congrats on winning? I think?

    I think you can do it, but, well, I think you will have to forgo much tapering. And obviously not follow the 10% rule. You just did 13, so you can probably knock out 15 this weekend and then add another 2 each weekend until you hit 20.


  2. That’s AWESOME!! i reckon you’ll totally beast it. i’m sure 5 weeks is plenty of time…!! i guess just make sure you get a weekly long run in to get your body used to time on your feet and then maybe smash up the weights/cross-training for fitness and endurance? who knows! just enjoy it!


  3. Day 1 of 5 week training plan :) Run Go run!

    Just think about the last half you ran and how you did so well on that….the marathon is just double that awesomeness.

    P.S. storm is coming our way this week, plan ahead! I was going to do some long runs this week but I might have to move than inside at the gym.


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