5 Weeks To Marathon : The Plan

Since apparently nobody encourages 35-day marathon training, I had a bit of a time finding a program to follow for the LA Marathon.  Instead of saying “F it, I’m just gonna eat cookies and drink beer all month”, I decided to use all of my Personal Training Knowledge*, Successful Marathon Experience*, and Natural Smarts*, to make my own.  What can I say?  I’m a true pioneer.

 * I don’t actually posess any of these things

I have a couple weekend trips coming up that threw a big ass wrench in my plans, but I think I worked around them pretty well.  How successful my first snowboarding trip in Big Bear will be after a 20-miler is soon to be found out.  (I’m guessing lots of drinking will take place)

Started this crazy adventure on the right foot with 4 miles at .5% at marathon pace last night in an apartment gym hotter than Hades.  It was like Bikram Running.  Isn’t that a real thing?

What do you think of the plan?  Is it enough?  Do-able?  Crazy pants?

Also, don’t you think I should treat myself to a little running gear binge?  This is what I wore last night.  I bought the tights in 2006 to wear under my softball pants – they have been through complete hell and back (but I still <3 them).

Sarah Soon-To-Be


6 thoughts on “5 Weeks To Marathon : The Plan

  1. Nice holey pants and socks crazy marathon-maker-upper lady. Just kidding, that plans seems reasonable seeing that you still have your base intacted (based on your last half marathon time). The best plans are the ones that fit into your schedule and since you penned this yourself, it is probably the best plan for you.

    You will probably end up finishing before me since my lazy self has not even completed any 20-milers yet.


  2. Well, crazy pants is the whole running a marathon 35 days from now, not the plan.

    Plan looks good to me! Those Fridays are going to be interesting – hopefully you are taking them off from work.



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