If OUa(L) Were a Food Blog…

It might look something like this …

“Last night I crushed up six miles of rolling hills, added a little headwind, topped it with an 8:20 pace, and ate it for dinner.”

And then I immediately went to the frozen yogurt shop.  I kid you not I hadn’t even stopped sweating yet.  I figured some calcium would be good for my bones, and everyone knows that almonds, blueberries, and chocolate sprinkles are the best recovery fuel out there.  I wasn’t sore today so it must’ve worked.

I’ve put together a little weekly snapshot at my training – at the end of each week I’ll post it so y’all can keep me on track.  It’d probably be more beneficial if I did that everyday, but hey, I’m a sporadic and lazy blogger so I can’t make that commitment.

Off to yoga.  Because that’s what my awesome made-up training plan calls for.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


5 thoughts on “If OUa(L) Were a Food Blog…

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