To all my fellow runners/racers/fitness-y people in general, listen up!

The chocolate-y holidays are obviously good for one reason : the 75% off shelves stocked with heart/pumpkin/snowmen-covered wrappers full of sugary goodness.  So I suggest you go purchase 30 bags of OUa(L)-approved Fun-Sized Fuel :

EDITED TO ADD :  While you’re at Target save some room in your cart for Clif/Luna Bars – box of 6 on sale for $5.49 plus you get 1 single bar free.  (You know, for when you run out of Snickers.)

And then visit to stock up on the second part (perhaps more important, if you’re into nutrition & not so much candy bars) of the Fool-Proof Pre-Race/Workout/Afternoon at Work Plan

Four-packs cans are $5.99 (reg $9.99) and the chews are on sale for $9.99 (reg $17.99).  SHIPPING IS FREE-ZY.

(Thanks, EB for the FRS insider-info)

(Truth – I prefer the FRS concentrate, which is not on sale, but maybe you’re willing to splurge on something full-price?  And then you want to mail me a bottle?)

(Second Truth – I have a bazillion packets you mix in a water bottle but they don’t always dissolve completely so the last few gulps are kinda nast, IMO.)  ((I use them anyways bc I’m cheap and not wasteful.))  (((bazillion = ~10)))

Sarah Soon-To-Be


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