5W2M Challenge – Week 1

You’ve all heard of the C25K (couch to 5k) programs, right?  I’m sure “Cee Two Five Kay” has saved the running world hours of unnecessary speaking/writing over the years.  Efficiency people!  Save that energy for your next run.

Well after a week of serious brainstorming and mental exhertion, I came up with a nickname for my 5 Weeks to Marathon plan.  It’s probably going to blow your mind.  Before you feel all down on yourself like “I could never come up with something as creative as that”, please remember that I am a classically trained marketing professional and do hold a degree that entitles me to such talent.


Brillz, I know.

On to today’s main feature.  How did week one go?

Llet me explain PPD before somebody calls the LA Marathon and tells them I’m too much of a weenie to run their race :

I’ve had a bit of a tender hamstring since Wednesday’s yoga class – I’m not sure if I told you or not but I’m a pretty rockstar yogi and I apparently pushed (what I’m sure was one of the super advanced poses) a little too far.  Thursday’s 7 miles were lovely but left it a little aggravated, so I moved the 15 miler to today (Sunday) and babied it all weekend.

Pinky swearsies that’s why I bailed on Saturday’s group run with SkinnyRunner&Friends.  It really wasn’t the 80% chance of precipitation that California’s “HUGE WINTER STORM” was threatening with.

Now, as a Midwesterner I can tell you about some f’ing storms.  What season are we talking – Winter?  Black ice & horizontal sleet?  Frozen waterlines?  Shoveling the same driveway 5 times a day?  How bout some good ol fasioned Summertime tornado chasin?  Springtime thunder/lightning storms with enough electricity in the air to make your hair stand on end?

My college roommate - 2006

Apparently to Southern California, a “Big Effing Winter Storm” = 3 days of off-and-on rain and temps dipping into the high 50’s.

I say high 50’s sounds like perfect running weather.  I’m gonna go chug some FRS, smash a snickers, and go knock out Long Run #1 of 5W2M!  (Is it catching on yet?)

 * * * What does everyone say to a little giveaway to celebrate the coming-out of OUa(L)?  I promise not to try and bake anything… * * *


5 thoughts on “5W2M Challenge – Week 1

  1. Well when you put it THAT way, it does make us sound like little babies. But weather is like one of the few perks of living here. Ok, I lie, I really love living here and I pay enough that I will whine when I have to run in 40 degree weather. And I did so this morning on twitter. Why can’t it be 65 all the time? I hope you have a good run. I was just not feeling it today. May run again tomorrow. I am so sad I missed the blogger meetup. I was pissed because I stayed in because they said it was going to rain so hard and I hardly saw any rain. Bastard meteorologist, can’t even tell what the weather will be like 12 hours ahead. Gawd!


  2. We did have thunder last night (Nikki, my lady dog, was very stressed out about it – tried Rescue Remedy, but didn’t help much on such short notice), and what sounded like hail and apparently rain going sideways. The wind was pretty good, too. Sure, I’ve been through hurricanes back east and obviously it’s worse, but, that was some pretty good rain last night. I’m over this rain, though, I got stucco work to get done and this rain is not helping it get any better.

    Hope your 15 went well today. I did 13.3, felt alright.


  3. Oh man, Sarah…totally jealous…especially of the blonde runners uniting brunches and running! I run and I am blonde ( super sad face). Damn this living in Texas. If you ladies ever make it out this way, I will host a brunch. Promise. I might even manage to work in some fab-o ‘mallow recipe and claim it is healthy and will help us run quicker.

    P.S. 5 week count down to the wedding is on like donkey kong. It just got super real down here!


  4. oh…and I feel that electricity issue. One of the many ‘possible wedding-blunders’ listed on THE ‘list’ as we’re dealing with an April wedding here (AKA: please-destroy-my-wedding-Texas-Tornado month. Thanks!)



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