Return to 13.1+ Territory

It’s no lie it’s been a while since I’ve done any “long runs”.  It’s also no lie I’m a little dumb and have distance perspective issues.  What?  15 miles?  Whatever that’s like a Tuesday night run around the block.  CAKE.

The two double digiters that I have done in the last three months have been blissful – it was exciting and refreshing to be thrown back into the distance world so effortlessly.  Those 10 miles did serious work inflating my ego, and nearly PR’ing at an improptu half 5 days later put me on top of the world.

So I registered for the LA Marathon 5 weeks away thinking I could continue the trend and knock out my first successful marathon (#1 & #2 were plagued by injuries) with the same ease.

If you can believe it, today during my 15 miler was the first time it hit me that this might not have been the best idea.  Running was hard today – for the first time in weeks.  My Runner’s High apparently fizzled out today – after nearly 2 weeks – and I’ll probably go down in history with the Guinness World Record Longest Runner’s High Ever.

With a few water stops, a few walked hills, and a stop at my car for the rest of the pre-run Clif Bar I was so happy I didn’t eat all of earlier – I finished 15 miles in 2:16.01 (9:04 pace).  With near certainty I can tell you my face looked just like it did here at the finish line of last weekend’s Mermaid Half :

HAGGARD.  I can’t believe I’m actually sharing this with you, but I really want you to understand what today’s run felt like.  It felt like that face.

I still have faith in this challenge – stubborn & dumb faith, but it’s there.  Here’s hoping Friday’s 18 goes a little smoother…

And just to redeem myself, here are a few other (less atrocious) photos from last weekend :

See! I told you I started in the front. I'm winning!

Sweet shades, I KNOW.

Mental note to sunless tan legs, pronto

Stay tuned later today for the ‘OUaL’s Out of the Closet!’ GIVEAWAY!  It may or may not* include round-trip airfare and accomodations to lead my personal cheer section at the LA Marathon!!!

*it obvs does not, but if you’re gonna be in town anyways let’s do lunch, k?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “Return to 13.1+ Territory

  1. That’s a great pace – I wonder if you’ll PR for this crazy deal too.

    I can see my short little self behind you at the start. I had no idea there were pics up – I just hunted them down and found some decent ones, but I never buy those race photos. I did for my first marathon but that was it.


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