(Good) News That Makes You Cry a Little…

Usually when my cell phone rings at work I don’t answer it  –  it’s unprofessional and rude to have personal conversations at the office, IMO.

Ok, maybe if I worked with more than 3 people, the tv wasn’t tuned into ESPN all day, I wore something other than jeans & a hoodie, and if anybody really gave a shit… then that’d be true.

So of course when my bff-since-age-2 called today, I picked up.

S : “What’s up”

L : “Just leaving work”  (she works for the same company I do, in the Ohio office)

S : “Coooool…”  [type type type, turn down Pandora radio a little, search desk for nail file]

L : “I have some good news”

This is where any normal female’s brain would auto-assume some form of engagement/baby/those-shoes-I’ve-been-dying-for-are-finally-on-sale excitement.  My mushy female brain was too lazy to try and conjure anything up (I’m still blaming Bikram) so instead of guessing…

S : “What is it”

I know, I’m a real thrill to talk with on the phone.

L : “[bossman] gave the OK for me to work out there in May.  FOR TWO WEEKS.”

I literally jumped out of my chair and “Shut up SHUT UP shut up!  This is so exciting!  OMG”-d around the office.  Yes, my coworkers already thought I was crazy, so it’s no big.

L & my sister were already planning to stay with me the week before the bachelorette party, but now they’ll BOTH be out here for a full two weeks, and L doesn’t have to take any vacation time!  Seriously, next time I say I hate my job, punch me in the face.




B, are you ready for this?  I’ll sign off on a man-cation of your choice if you need to get out of the Estrogen House for a while…

Counting down to May 14th…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “(Good) News That Makes You Cry a Little…

  1. aww that’s awesome! so happy for you! it’s super tough when your best friends live halfway across the country (admittedly it’s much worse for you, halfway across my country is just a 2 hour drive!)



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