My First Bikram & a Spandex Binge

If you aren’t into yoga or any of that hooky west coast hippie stuff… read anyways.  If Bikram is good enough for Kobe to blab about after the All Star Game, it’s gotta be at least kind of cool.

(I might get disowned for speaking kindly about a Laker.  Clevelanders, keep reading just because I still hate LA, ok?)

And if you really, really don’t care about my stupid first-ever hot yoga class, scroll to the bottom to check out my new workout gear.  I used everyone’s comments and those holey tights as leverage in my case with B on why I NEEDED a shopping spree :)

Oh and don’t forget to mail out your chain letter for the Giveaway!

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Our apartment complex offers free yoga classes and since I’m super cheap and can’t say “no” to FREE, I went.  And now I love it and look forward to class every week.

This isn’t the meditative, rubber-band stretches, OMMMMM-y crap you’re probably imagining.  It’s lunge poses until your legs quiver so bad you fall over.  It’s not being able to lift your arms above your head to brush your hair the next morning. It’s having to line-drying your clothes before you can put them in the hamper.

It’s athletic, acrobatic, and graceful, all in one.  It’s 10 times the strength workout I ever got from our strength & conditioning sessions for Division I softball in college.  It’s I’VE NEVER BEEN THIS SORE, ALL OVER, ALL AT ONCE, EVER.

I’ve been going regularly to those classes for a month or so, and finally cashed in a Groupon I bought months ago (that was about to expire) for Bikram Yoga in Laguna Beach.  Bikram, or Hot Yoga, is essentially 90 minutes of yoga in a sauna.  No joke.  The room is heated to 100+ degrees and 40% humidity.

The only way I can accurately describe what class was like (because I’m afraid the dehydration has severely impaired my brain function) is like getting out of a warm bed in the morning – your mind is telling you that you need to, but your body just  Each time the instructor said to move to a new pose it took every ounce of strength I had to make my muscles oblige.  The heat of the room, intensity of the movements, and 20 gallons of liquid that somehow came out of my pores left me COMPLETELY SPENT.

I’m proud to say I made it through the entire class.  Less can be said about the buff dude that was also there for the first time.  He spent the last 30 min of class in corpse pose (laying on your back) fanning his face.  Girl power.

And now for the good stuff.  Shopping!

1)  C9 (Target) Tech Tee – $7.99 on sale

2)  Champion (Sports Authority) *non-shelf-bra* racing tank – $9.72 on sale

3)  Adidas (Sports Authority) cross-back tank – $5.97 on sale (wore this to yoga & loved it)

4 & 5)  Forever21 spandex leggings – $4.50 each

6)  Forever21 foldover shiny spandex capris – $10.80 (6&7 are a slim cut and fit almost like tights)

7)  Forever21 foldover cotton capris – $7.80 (regular price HELLOOOO go buy some)

8)  Underarmour (Sports Authority) cross-back bra – $13.47 on sale

9)  Champion (Sports Authority) running shorts – $7.47 on sale

10)  Champion (Sports Authority) sports bra – $11.97 on sale

Grand total for a fresh spring workout wardrobe = $84.19

Who wants to take me shopping??!

Since I was such a savvy shopper I don’t even have to cut anybody from our wedding guest list!  Isn’t that great news??!  If I’d had gone to Lululemon we’d have a bit of a situation on our hands…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


18 thoughts on “My First Bikram & a Spandex Binge

  1. those are some good deals!

    Oh, and if I had to pick on NBA player I dislike the most, it’s Kobe Bryant.

    Back when we had two incomes, I was going to Bikram with a coworker once a week. I don’t mine the practice, however, there is a cult feel with it on some levels. There are diehards that will take class twice in a day. They have yoga competitions and some studios do “challenges” where whoever takes the most classes in a period of time “wins.” I find that very weird for yoga. So, generally I follow the instructor but take a lot of what they say with a grain of salt. The founder of Bikram is also a character (he tried to sue people for using his asasana sequences).


  2. Awesome deals!! I love it when I find good stuff on sale or clearance. It makes me so happy :)

    I tried Bikram Yoga about a year ago. They were having a deal…2 weeks for $25. The first time I went, I almost died!! I seriosly had to get out of the room for about 5 minutes. I went back and finished the 90 minute class though. I kept going and I got better. I loved it by the time the 2 weeks were over. I would love to go back, if they ever have a deal like that again. It’s pricey.


  3. OMG WOW. I am ridiculously impressed. This is a sign from above that I need to go shopping asap. Being cheap is awesome.

    p.s. I LOVE the publish your blog in a book thing. Fantastic idea! My blog is currently unknown to anyone I know and I’m mustering up the guts to spill the beans. We shall see!!


  4. Thanks for the Kobe Bryant shout-out…he was my favorite player and stalked him when he first got drafted by the Lakers and watched him during summer practice at Long Beach when he wasn’t too famous yet.

    Anywho, I am impressed with that shopping spree. I splurged on a Lulu pants last year that cost about the same amount of your total for 1 pants (but I wear it almost everyday so I thought it was worth it). I need to explore Forever 21’s sports/lounge section more often instead of getting stuck in the shoes/bags section.


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