Public Service Announcement

 This is your friendly neighborhood reminder to enter the OUa(L)’s Out of the Closet Giveaway.

This has “YOUR BEST RUN E.V.E.R.”   (or your best spin-class/tv-watching/driving-the-kids-to-school/whateveryoudo) written all over it.

And it can be yours, if you GO HERE and somehow top Kat’s entry :

(Just kidding, winner will be chosen at random.)

Contest ends Friday at midnight.  Tell your friends, because the running Gods don’t like greedy people that hog all the giveaway entries.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Hey Sarah…fun contest!! I met you at breakfast w/Sarah (skinnyrunner).

    I’m excited about LA marathon!! Looks they worked out some of the logistics…expo, parking, no loop around dodger stadium!!, and the finish line!! Good luck on your training!! And so happy that your significant other was cool with your blog!! :)

    Have a great evening!! :)



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