5W2M – Because I CAN.

I have the day off work today since I’ll be traveling all weekend (Yay Houston) which it totally awesome since I’m schedule to run 18 FREAKING MILES today.

So I’m off to try do that.  I’m forgetting about last week’s miserable 15, forgetting the chance of rain, forgetting that I’m doing too much too soon and that the smart running people made marathon training plans 12 weeks or more for a reason…


I’m just gonna go run.  Because I can. 

Because I’m healthy and there are so many who aren’t and wish they could. 

Because 30% chance of rain is not 18″ of snow and ice and freezing temperatures. 

Because I’ve been dared to get ready for a marathon in 5 weeks, and I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my best shot.

While I’m gone, everybody head over to the Your Best Run E.V.E.R Giveaway and put in your entries if you haven’t yet.  (You know you’ll forget if you wait to do it later.)  The winner will be posted & contacted tomorrow morning.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


4 thoughts on “5W2M – Because I CAN.

  1. “Goal big or go home” – I stole that from SkinnyRunner, but it’s getting me thru my nagging doubts about jumping into the LA Marathon without, um, training. I hope your 18-miler kicked booty & I’m planning to follow suit on Sunday!



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