5W2M Challenge – Week 2

It’s amazing what fueling right & having a good ‘tude can do for a run.  Oh and Girl Talk on your playlist.

Last week’s 15 miles were nothing short of miserable.

Today’s 18 were by no means easy or fun, but there were no urges to throw myself down the rocky cliffs into the mucky bay water, so we’re calling it a win.


I walked a few of the hills during the final 4 miles – normally this would send me into rage of verbal self-mutilation, but I’m trying to be realistic with myself.  The fact that I even managed to stay upright for 18 miles when just a month ago my longest run was 5 miles?  That’s enough.

Made a protein shake when I got home rather than stinking up another froyo shop.  Gained 170 lame points but I felt obligated to give penance to the Running Gods for allowing me to survive my run and also for not raining on me.

(900 shame points for having yet to shower, 5 hours later.)

I don’t measure things and this isn’t a food blog, but if you’re curious it was just almond milk, plain whey protein powder, TJ’s peanut flour, cocoa powder, and some vanilla.  I remember it being tasty but I was also partially comatose.

So how’d I shape up in Week 2 of my 5 Weeks to Marathon Challenge?

Whoopsies on the weekly mileage.  Who follows that stupid 10% rule, anyways?  Oh.  Everyone?  Science?  Runner’s World?  Oh well.

I better go have a beer.  I won’t be posting while I’m gone, make sure to miss me lots.  See you Tuesday with lots of corporate style debauchery and probably a hangover.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

* * * Winner will be picked in exactly 5 hours.  I’m staying up late for this shit – why I picked midnight as the deadline is beyond my normal stupid… * * *


9 thoughts on “5W2M Challenge – Week 2

  1. wooohooo 18 miles! you rule :) I won’t be able to stay up late to see who wins because I’m a grandma and have to go to bed….opening the gym in the morning! so fun! haha :)


  2. You are such a bad ass and a BEAST for knocking out those 18 like that. Awesome.

    I am currently babysitting (like a teenager,I know) and I willbe up at midnight to see the WINNER and hopefully it will be MY lucky ass.

    :) Oh, so my trail marathon is up in the redwoods! Northern CA. Aren’t you so excited? You should be saying HELL TO THE YES, you will run it! :( PURRTY PLEASE? How fun would that be? It would give you like 10 more cool points (as if you need them).


  3. Way to go with that long run! By the way, I like your green garmin…mine’s blue.

    Kate- hey, I babysat until 2 years ago! I was married. And still babysitting. It was sweet under the table money while I was a grad student, and the weird hours worked with my weird grad student schedule. I think I’d still babysit for those boys because I watched them for 4 years and <3 them! I can't stay up for your midnight…it's my midnight and I'm passing out on the couch. Good night!



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