The pseudo-Kenyan Speaks : GIVEAWAY WINNER!

First off, pinky swearsies I wasn’t (completely) fishing for all those compliments – y’all are either 1) way too nice 2) out of your mind stupid or 3) disastrously good liars.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell your significant others.

The good news is, next time I’m feeling fat or ugly or slow, I know I can bribe you with presents and you’ll blow my ego right up to its normal over-inflated state in no time.  It’s a comfort knowing there’s an ego-boost a short giveaway away. (?)

So whether you meant it or were simply following directions – THANK YOU.  I appreciate & love everyone of you.

( I’m full of Yogurtland, thai takeout, and a Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale (in that order) – please excuse the strange sentiment )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok, ok, OK!  The winner of the OUa(L)’s Out of the Closet a.k.a Your Best Run E.V.E.R Giveaway…


According to…

I swear I can’t even make this shit up…


Kat’s entry came up first, and I thought “oh crap they’re going to think I really did rig it.”  So for randomness’s sake, I generated 9 more “random” numbers.  Honest to goodness “11” came of 3 of the 10 times.  Guess you can’t argue with that.  (For the record, she was going to win anyways, regardless of how the other #s played out). 

Kat, the Running Gods (and really want you to have Your Best Run E.V.E.R!  And so do I, obvs :)

I’m on my way up to LAX to cruise the skies between CA and TX for a few hours.  If anybody has a hookup at FRS or Snickers and would like to surprise me with an endorsement contract, I promise to do a touchdown dance in the cabin when we’re finally able to turn on our portable electronic devices.

Also, if you’re a loser today and aren’t getting a free copy of Girl Talk’s All Day album from me – fret not.  You can download it here.  I promise you won’t regret it, and can almost promise you won’t get an identity thieving virus, either.

Happy weekend, and happy long-running to y’all in training! 

Best of luck to Janae – the real-life white Kenyan – at the Dogtown Half this weekend!  And to SkinnyRunner at her first 50K trail race!

((and everyone else racing that I’m too tired to remember))

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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