If Shaun White Ran Marathons…


But I didn’t do nearly as bad as I thought I would.  Actually, I did pretty damn well.  20 mile legs and all!

The trip was to celebrate SD Friend‘s birthday, and was B’s long-awaited initiation into her crazy circle of friends.  I’ve been down to SD at least half a dozen times since moving out here, but always go alone.  I’m sure some of her friends thought B was imaginary and I was really some lonely spinster with no friends.  Myth debunked!  (Mostly)

We got up to the cabin Friday night – it’s about a 3 hour drive and we had very minimal traffic/navigational/I-Have-To-Pee headaches, which was awesome and unexpected.

View from the patio

Once the rest of the group got in – I think there were 15 of us total – we made a fire, cooked some food, and generally all became BFF’s.  B & I channeled our more youthful and lush-y college selfs to run some serious game on the impromptu beer pong table.

The final game was (I hate this word) epic. One of our opponents has played in tournaments in Vegas and said we were one of his best matches.  Ever.  So I guess B & I are quitting our day jobs and joining the Pro Beer Pong League

Sidenote : Do you know how hard it is to get 15 people moving, coffeed, and out the door after a long night of debauchery?  Mostly impossible.  There were a few stabby moments, but mostly everyone was unharmed.

Recovering from the stabbiness...

Jenna and two of her seasoned (and very nice) friends took us over to the bottom half of the bunny hills to practice/make fools of ourselves.  It took me like 10 times to stand up the first time, and once I finally did I about said “F IT, THIS SUCKS” and walked to the lodge.  I’m glad I didn’t.

We hit the bunny hill once, and boldly decided we were ready for the big boy.  ( aka the second smallest hill on the mountain. )

"Yay I don't suck!"

Biggest win of the day?  100% success rate mounting/dismounting the chair lift.  Boom.

Getting ready to take off... (that's not us)

It took about 5 seconds for me to get real cocky and start going FAST.  It took 2 ass-busting falls and 1 pretty embarassing face-plant for me to check my ego and quit trying to Shaun White-it down the hill.

We got to the bottom of our 3rd run of the big hill, and I very adamantly (read, bossily) claimed that I was HUNGRY and NEEDED TO BE FED.  My legs were finally starting to feel some fatigue and I could feel my insulin levels in my stupid-looking boots.

SD Friend (also a vegetarian) promised the bar at the top of the hill had veggie burgers.  I didn’t believe her, stared over at the food court, pouted a bit, and eventually got back on the lift.

The options at the hill top bar?  Burger, Chicken Sandwich, Hot Dog, Lays, plain M&Ms.  Not even a dang Snickers.


Settled on some liquid carbs.

Tall PBR’s don’t stand a chance around us.  (The veg burg fight didn’t last very long, obviously.)

I made my way down the hill slowly and tailbone-crushing-free and called it a day.  My legs were so fatigued at this point that I had ZERO control over my board and knew I’d wind up tangled in one of those orange net/fence things if I went again.

B was a real champ and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be sneaking a board into the apartment if I don’t monitor his trips to the sporting goods stores over the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to go back with some fresh legs and beat him down the hill ;)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


12 thoughts on “If Shaun White Ran Marathons…

  1. If you had snickers you totally would have beaten him down the hill.

    I haven’t played beer pong in a very long time. About 4 years ago, my brother in law played in a massive tournament in Hermosa Beach. What was crazy was that is was just some dude that decided to get kegs and get people together and have a tourney (we’re talking like brackets, rounds – probably 50+ people). There were like 6 plywood tables set up in the front yard on a walk street (like 6th st or something). I swear, the cops there just ignore the debauchery as long as no one gets hurt.

    Made me wish I never moved away from the Hermosa fun :( But we all gotta grow up, I guess (except my BIL who is 37, single, and still lives in HB).


  2. That’s kinda awesome. I SUCK at snowboarding. We used to go up to the mountains at least once a month in the winter when I lived in CA and I never got any better. Ha! That was fine with me though, I just had funny–being sucktastic and all. Luckily one of my friends who always came with was even worse than me, so, it wasn’t all bad.

    In other news, you’re a total effing BAD ASS for doing that on 20 mile legs. Word.


  3. omg you had PBR hahaha that beer has some rough memories…I think I had a bit too much from a keg freshman year in college and could never go back….it looks like you had so much fun I AM JEALOUS!!!!


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  5. So jealous of west coast skiing- I’ve never been, but I like how you guys are not as bundled up as we need to be here for east coast skiing!! Keeping it classy with PBR…nice!


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