Running With People Sucks

Ok, not really.  The people-part was fun.  Sarah/SkinnyRunner & Margot only called me slow & ugly twice, so that makes them decent running buddies in my book.  And it’s true that the miles do go by faster when you’re gabbing and making friends.

Margot & I, (stolen from SR)

That is, if you can suck in enough extra oxygen to actually get a sentence out without curdling over into a heap of sweaty spandex mess in cardiac arrest.

Really, I have NO IDEA what made this morning’s run so f’ing sucktastic…

  1. I never run in the morning.  Nor do I ever wake up earlier than 5 minutes before I have to leave for work.  Maybe the 5:30am wake up call and sleepy legs can be blamed?
  2. I always run alone.  Even though we were running at a pace slower than my norm, I felt like every step took 50x more effort.  Maybe because I was trying to match someone else’s pace, rather than relax and run my own?
  3. I’ve never run the beach path and God it was ugly it was such a distraction and made me really hate being outside

(also stolen from SR)

Regardless, 6.5 miles are done, and now I have 17 hours of free-time tonight to spend however I want.  Which will probably be at the grocery store since we have half a box of pasta, a can of coconut milk, oatmeal packets & about 79 Gu’s in the cupboards.

I promise when we get married I’ll properly feed B.  Pinky.

Alright, off to manage corporate America from my v-neck and sweaty ponytail.  No, I didn’t shower, and yes my coworkers have been warned.  I’m guessing I’ll be put in quarantine by the end of the day.

Until then we can pretend that section on personal hygiene doesn’t really exist in the employee handbook, OK???


* Does anybody else have a problem playing nice running with others?  Is this just another thing I’m gonna have to practice to get good at?  (I don’t like having to do that)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


28 thoughts on “Running With People Sucks

  1. I have a hard time running in races because I feel pressure to keep up with people. It’s exhausting!

    I do like running with slower runners. Mostly because it makes me feel awesome and look faster and I don’t have to sprint to keep up with them and look like a doofus.


  2. YOU ARE GORGEOUS with or without a shower!! I want to go running with you girls:( I am jealous. I HATED running with people at first but now I love it because it forces me to push myself harder and not even think about quitting. Have fun grocery shopping!


  3. At least you changed into jeans, or did you run in that? -_-

    It does take some time to get comfortable running in a group but after a couple of times you kinda figure out how the others run and you find your own rhythm. I love running in the middle space just right behind 2 other runners, it makes me feel like I am riding in a car. I’m probably drafting which is why it always feels easier running like that. Just make sure those two runners aren’t profuse sweat-ers and have showered recently. :)

    You have 79 GUs? I have like 2 left. I need to head to Roadrunner soon or I will have to resort to eating stuff the people of LA will be handing out on race day. I hope that house that hands out PB/J sandwiches will be operating that day.


  4. There’s only a few people I enjoy running with (and by few I mean 2 and that’s my mom & T). I get all uncomfortable and start to think about how funny I look when I run, but when I’m by myself or when I make T go with me, I concentrate on just enjoying the run. It is nice if it’s an easy run to have someone to talk to, but I always find myself needing to think about when to talk so I don’t die because of lack of oxygen!


  5. I have just started running with a buddy (rather than on my own) since moving to a new city- it’s TOUGH. I love it because time FLIES but trying to move at a super quick pace while breathing AND talking….is hard!



  6. I usually feel the same way when I run with people… definitely agree that it probably comes from running solo often. There are a couple of people who I can run with for hours though. I think slower pace helps me when I want to be social while running, haha.


  7. I just read the other Sarah’s post about your run today and just from reading this one post of yours I can tell I’m going to enjoy your blog. So funny. I run alone too but lately I’ve been wanting some company. I’m only taking applications from people slower than me though so I can look super awesome… and talk without dying.


  8. I have a problem with not showering after runs, but I managed to shower today before heading out for a haircut. I don’t want my hairdresser to think my hair is almost always unwashed & in a ponytail.


  9. 1. I’m bad at running with people, too! I don’t have that kind of lung capacity. But I do enjoy it for a slower pace/less miles

    2. I love your hygiene skillz. I’m going on day 4 of no hair washing.

    3. SUPER jealous you are BFFs with skinny runner :)


  10. When its nice out I run on my lunch break at work and then sit my sweaty self at my desk for the rest of the day. At first I felt bad about it, but that faded quickly. Glad to see that someone else does this too! :)

    I like running with people, I think it makes the time go by faster. I really want a dog to run with though!


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