SUCK Running, Summarized ; & Redemption!

First, the ugly :

Woopsies.  I’m not letting it get to me though, because I totally bombed out my 16 miler today and couldn’t be more pumped going into Marathon Week!

Redemption on the week of S.H.I.T. (that’s not an acronym) running was mine this morning.  I woke up early for once and had plenty of time to eat, coffee, dress, and forget to SPF.

( confession : I’m albino so this is an accumulation from quite a few runs, not just today )

Drove out to Huntington Beach (the site of the 6.5 mi battle w/ SkinnyRunner & Margot) and set out on an 8 out-8 back, telling myself I could stop to rest/stretch/fuel at the turnaround.

I didn’t stop.  Not at the turnaround, not at all.

In previous training cycles this wouldn’t be big news, but for 5W2M, where I was averaging at least 1 walk break and 2-3 rest breaks on every long run, it was a huge confidence booster.  Despite this last week of ego-eating runs and a few runs that never happened, I’m going into LA confident, healthy, and happy.

And that’s all I asked for.  To make it to the starting line injury-free and excited to race.  At Cleveland & Nike Women’s I was beat down – both physically and mentally.  My body might not be trained to run 26.2 this time, but it’ll be ABLE.  I can’t wait to see what it can do!

Celebrating the last long run of 5W2M in grand fashion…

Yeah, that’s a pretty wimpy pour.

Much better :)

* Who else is running LA?  Should we put together a meetup?  As a forewarning I’m cranky in the AM & always late, if that sways your decision at all…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


12 thoughts on “SUCK Running, Summarized ; & Redemption!

  1. Love this post! You will definitely be able to run that marathon and rock it! Its so exciting! And I love how you celebrate :) Love me some mimosas…and screwdrivers…and all that good stuff…haha


  2. No wonder you saw my tweets – you were up early, too!

    I think you’re going to do kick butt this weekend, though I’ll bet with the compressed training, the last 6 miles might be rough-ish. But when is that not the case unless you run 26.2 on a regular basis.


  3. GREAT JOB ON YOU RUN GIRL!! You are soo ready for LA!!

    Love to say “hello” to you in LA…e-mail me and I’ll give you my cell# so you can text me!



  4. I so wish my albino ass could be there with you. I could definitely use some warm running weather. I had an 8AM trail run Saturday morning, where I swear, the clouds were only over the hills we were running. But it wasn’t crazy windy, raining, or snowing ferociously, so it was an awesome morning of high 30’s. Good luck…although since you are happy and healthy…I know you won’t need any!! :)



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