The “BIG NEWS” Revealed…

I need to admit that I’m a little over-dramatic sometimes.

NO, I’m not pregnant.  Thank heavens.  I’d prefer to keep the “soon-to-be” timeline at ” WIFE ” first, and ” MOMMY ” second (sometime way, way, way down the road.)

So what had me in such a tizzy?  Well first of all, my LA Marathon race outfit has been weighing so heavily on my shoulders I fear I may be getting scoliosis.  Secondly, B had the audacity to ask that we get a different kind of toothpaste.  (I’ve used the same kind for 6 years)  Oh and, AND, Target totally changed the cut of their bikini briefs, so now I’m going to have to go find a new place to buy my underwear.  UGH!

Ok, not exactly “earth-shattering” or “life-changing”.  A little more notable though, we’ve finalized the wedding invites :


So that’s kind of a big deal.  Jaymee – yes, the one of SkinnyRunner Shirt fame – did such an amazing job and I (ahem, we) are so thrilled with how they turned out AND to have another check mark on our wedding to do list.

(If you have any design needs – invitations, blog header, business cards?  I don’t know, anything.  Email me and I’ll pass along her contact info.  Seriously, she rocks.)

While we’re on the topic of the wedding, let’s talk about other things that are expensive.  B has been wanting a new truck/SUV since we moved out here.  Once we finished our taxes, got the wedding savings to it’s goal, and found out I’d be getting a bonus this year from work, the stalling ended and I gave B the green light to start shopping.

( I don’t wear the pants, guys, get real.  I just manage the money )

(( Ok well maybe I have like at least one leg in the pants…  Ok one and a half. ))

With “$5/gallon”  “45 minute commute”  “CA registration fees”  and  “it’s sunny 98% of the time”  all factoring in, the SUV/truck idea went out the window pretty fast.  When B asked how I felt about him getting another motorcycle (he had one in Ohio before we moved), I said heck yeah man.  DO IT.

Before I knew it, he had “THE ONE” picked out, had contacted the dealership that had it in stock, and was dragging me up there after work one night.

While B drooled over his “dream bike” in the showroom with all the fawning sales guys, I got to play bad guy in the finance office.  I swear to god, at one point the finance officer pointed to B and said

“Look how bad he wants this bike, Sarah.  He’ll be so happy if you let him buy this bike.”

I’m a business-y bitch by day and a regular bitch by night, with the lowest sentimental levels of any female on the planet, man.  You can’t guilt trip me into this.

A free extended warranty, 2% reduction to the APR, and a couple grand knocked off the sticker price, B rode out on his new toy :


… and I had a promise to bring a batch of cookies to finance dude’s boss so he wouldn’t get in trouble for getting taken to the cleaner by the little blonde girl that doesn’t know shit about bikes.

Oh, and I don’t have to buy B a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift for AT LEAST the next 5 years.  :)

So that’s the fuss.  Aren’t you glad I made you wait?  You can put the knitted baby booties and Target Registry gun down.  Unless you know somebody that IS pregnant – if so, can I come to the shower?  I’m really good at that melted-candybar-in-the-diaper game…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


8 thoughts on “The “BIG NEWS” Revealed…

  1. love the invites, different than traditional ones. and i dont know squat about bikes so ill just say, its really purty and shiny.


  2. I guess I’ll have to tell the neighbors they can move back in since you’re apparently reneging on our next door besties plans. At least your wedding invites are stellar.


  3. Totally disappointed.

    well i guess it’s a LITTLE bit exciting. I don’t know though about motorcycles. I’m classic southern california girl who gets too nervous around those things, knowing how crazy us southern california drivers can be (ahem, MEEEE). plus Eric works on an ambulance, and let me tell you, HORROR stories. Seriously.

    but that’s cool that you’re the COOL wife. I am not cool.


  4. Nice bike! My man wanted one of those too a while back but I kinda like him so I told him that I wanted him in one piece. Good thing he sort of has moved on to Harley lusting now. I think those crotch rockets look so cool but I was scared even sitting in the back of one when not moving. I wish I could attend your wedding but I don’t even know you in person. I would show up and you’d be like ‘who the hell are you’. I will just wait and Ooouuu and Ahhhh at your photos.


  5. This post was hilarious. Business bitch by day regular bitch by night! hahahahahaahaha
    I totally guessed what the news was. I thought the bike would be green though (yah…ok..I just made that up. ) :) Way to score a deal Sarah!



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