Toms : In Action!

( As reference, and bc I know you want to know, I wear between a size 8.5 (running shoes, sandals) and 9 (closed-toed heels, flats), have medium-width feet, and mostly flat arches )

A lot of you have commented saying you either :

LOVE the Toms brand and own 43 pairs

Have thought about getting a pair, but are too lazy/scared/etc

Support the One for One Movement, but think the shoes are Fugly.

Even though you might not think these are the most glamorous/stylish/Nordstrom’s-window-worthy shoes, I think the brand completely makes up for their looks.  Ten-fold, actually.

NOT professional photographers over here...

Especially now that Toms has been around a while (est. 2006) and has gained some momentum throughout the country, I think people are less likely to be all :

Oh em gee look at your silly shoes.  I can’t believe you wear those hippie things AND THAT A LITTLE KID IN AFRICA IS NO LONGER AT RISK FOR LIFE-THREATENING SOIL-TRANSMITTED DISEASES BEACAUSE OF YOU!  You are so ugly and your footwear sucks.”

Bonus : this style is vegan!

But really, some of that pink-bedazzled breast cancer swag is pretty obnoxious, right?  But nobody cares because it’s about the message behind the brand, not the actual black ribbed tank with something clever about ‘Second Base’ on it.


In the way that flats go, I actually think these are pretty cute.  I’ll stand by that.  I LIKE THEM.  And they are definitely the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn.  The soles are cushioned and there’s even a little bit of arch support.  They do stretch a bit which gives a perfectly custom fit, and I’ve had ZERO blister/chaffing issues.

Awkward angle...

I like to pretend my flip flops & tennis shoes had a little affair and produced these “wear everywhere” bad boys.  Anytime I’d have thrown on some Nikes – running errands, walking the dogs, etc – I’ll put on my Toms.  Strolling the mall or out to eat in an outfit that would normally call for flip flops or simple sandals?  Toms, please.

I love that not only did my initial purchase provide some good ( by way of the donated pair to a child in need ), but I that everytime I slip them on I’m doing a small part to spread the message and build to the One for One Movement.

Who says fashion can’t be cute, comfortable, AND charitable??

What do you think?  Would you rock a pair of Toms?

Would you sacrifice a few fashion points for a few good-deed points?  ( nobody is making you choose between Tom & Louboutin, for the record )

Sarah Soon-To-Be


Disclaimer / My Personal Activist Statement : Obviously if your sole purpose (pun intended)  is philanthropic and generous, there are ways to contribute to charities more efficiently.  Yes, the $50 I paid for these shoes would have produced more good if donated directly and in full somewhere.  But if you’re buying shoes anyways, why not buy a pair that does more than just fill your closet?



39 thoughts on “Toms : In Action!

  1. I LOVE my TOM’S I have the black sequin pair. I’m lovin’ yours! My 14 y/o daughter wanted a pair for her birthday so we got her a pair. She kept raving how comfy they were. I tried hers on and agreed. I went to Nordstrom’s the next day and mommy bought a pair!! I normally don’t like flats but, these are the exception!!

    5 more dys to LA girl!! YAY…YAY!! :)


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE toms – they are super cute, comfortable and you feel good wearing them. I have two pairs and will definately purchase more.


  3. I treated myself to Toms for my birthday (olive green color) and I LOVE them! I already want another pair- but sadly it’s done nothing but rain here so I’ve hardly been able to wear them. (Um, on another note, can I come visit and get some sun!?).


  4. Okay those shoes look cute on you! And thank you for showing them off. I think they look better on you than on me. No wonder you like them. I found out from their website that they also make wedges and no lace sneakers. Perhaps I will have better luck with those. Have to find a store to try them on though.


  5. I think they are cute, I want a pair! They do look better on tho. I’m not a big flip flop girl but more of a flats kinda girl and those would be perfect! I’m trying to think of an excuse to get some.. Maybe the Easter Bunny will buy me a pair!

    Do you own any of their wedges?


  6. I have a pair of TOMS in the grey color…they were my first pair so I wanted to get a neutral color I could wear with anything. I wear them everywhere…I wear them to work all the time, too!


  7. I love Toms and I think they’re super cute. They even go with dresses! I’m basically a hippie though so maybe my opinion doesn’t count? They are perfect on you! I think it’s high time I break down and buy myself some… and I won’t lie, the pair you bought is probably what I’ll go with. I am a copy cat :)


  8. If you dont stop posting pictures of these i’m going to be $50 poorer….Although the mission makes up for it, right?! oh! and I looove that saying, so fitting for my life right now. I used to work in a store back when TOMS first came out – I was sooo tempted, but ended up with a new job & forgot all about them…thanks to you the TOMS fever is back…awesome, I hope you feel accomplished ;)


  9. The founder of Toms and I have the same alma mater! And, my former boss was in his class–so funny to me for whatever reason. I don’t own a pair of Toms, I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t, but, I love the idea behind them, I think they’re actually pretty cute and if I had any cash for shoes, I’d buy a pair in a heartbeat!


  10. Considering that I rock my mizunos with pretty much every outfit I wear. These would be a big step up in the fashion department. Yes, I know. My boyfriend is a lucky, lucky man.


  11. They are super cute! I knew they’d look good – I am now solidly in the crazy red colorful camp over the other purple camo ones you were deciding between.

    However, I am not sure I can bring myself to pay $50 for a pair of canvas flats. I am really cheap (in fact, the outfit I’m wearing today is like 75% thrifted/vintage – everything except my underwear, sock, and t-shirt). Maybe if I strike it rich one day. But apparently I have no problem dropping $300 on mosaic bathroom tile (just did that 20 minutes ago).


  12. I highly doubt that they would look awesome in a size 13 mens.

    I’ve been wrong before, but I’m willing to stand firm on this one.

    My wife has some kind of rare, unexplained allergy to flats, so I don’t see a pair in our closet anytime soon.


  13. I’m a veggiesaurus so the fact that they are vegan is primarily the main reason I’d purchase a pair. I do think they’re cute and do a good job of covering up ill-prepared feet that aren’t fit for flip flops. However, for $50…I just can’t do that.


  14. A couple more self-portraits and you’re up in S.R. zone – good job! Hey, how did you find the fit? As in, were they closer to the size you wear in running shoes, or closer to the size you wear in flats? Thanks funny girl.


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  16. Who made fun on you? I love that you are wearing more colors on your shoes than your whole outfit, j/k For reals, I wanted to wear Tom’s for my wedding at the beach, did you know they have a “destination wedding” line? But for this 5 foot nothing girl, I need some height and the Tom’s I saw were all flats. I had to pass up, but rest assure….it might make an appearance on my honeymoon in the tropics.


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