5W2M vs. McRunner

So the big race is this weekend.

The anxiety of my 5 Weeks 2 Marathon plan coming to fruition hasn’t set in yet.  The nerves, excitement, and PAIN are right around the corner and I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep them at arms-length.  And on top of that I’m trying not to freak out about the forecast :

Rain and the actual act of running aside, there is something that I’m a little pissed about.

Have you heard about the “McRunner“?


It’s this guy from Chicago ( Joe D’Amico ) that’s eating NOTHING BUT McDONALDS for the entire month before the LA Marathon.  No, I’m not pissed that he’s able to eat hotcakes and french fries all he wants, or that he’s projecting to PR and run a sub 2:36.


5W2M was totally going to headline LA Times and ABS News before this jerkoff came along.

McRunner better watch his back Sunday morning – I’ll get my 15 minutes of fame one way or another…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


18 thoughts on “5W2M vs. McRunner

  1. Well I’ll be thinking of you all the way from Paris if that makes it better… although now that you’ve mentioned this guy I might think of him too! :-P
    PS I love your Toms!!


  2. Okay, that McRunner guy is just insane. As an annoyingly healthy eater and one of those freaks that is almost convinced that McDonalds causes cancer I really hate when people are able to do amazing things while eating just McDonalds. I’m a horrible person but I hope he sucks in the marathon. I’m sure he won’t though, if he’s predicting a PR then I guess he’s had good training. I wonder if he’ll keep up the diet afterwards if he gets good results.

    You also may be insane. A marathon in 5 weeks – you’re so cool. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


  3. That article is HILARIOUS!! I love it.

    You’ll be amazing – you’ve done marathons before so muscle memory will carry you through, plus i think you’ve done really well with your training plan all things considered!


  4. The thought of eating that much McDonalds kinda makes me want to die. I can’t imagine walking a mile after a month of that let alone running 26.2. Crazy dude. At least he is doing for a good cause.
    I’m sure you’ll pass him!


  5. That McRunner thing is lame. Just because he has the genetics to be able do that, doesn’t make it interesting to me.

    The rain, though, well at least it won’t be hot. When I ran it in ’03 it was close to 80 degrees at the end. Not ideal.


  6. I will go in with Emily and give you ten bucks if there are pictures of you tripping him. Twenty if you punch him. Get it! I hope you kick his trash!! I heart McDonalds and gave it up to train so I am super pist at him. While you’re at it, punch him once for me.


  7. McD’s is weak compared to snickers bfast + 2 tall beers + 4 hours sleep for the original NoTrainingAtAll plan. Be sure the LA Times knows you’re willing to move to a kitkat b’fast, 3 tall beers and no sleep if necessary to make a compelling story.


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  9. He has raised over $23,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, so cut him some slack. I’d be more worried about the sumo wrestler who is attempting to become the heaviest man to ever complete a marathon. It’s LA, so everyone has a gimmick, no? Good luck and the rain part sucks!



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