Party Animals


We didn’t celebrate St Pat’s day.

1) neither of us are Irish (nor is Frankie)

and 2) we’re supremely lame.  Oh well.

I did receive a very lovely call from EB who DID celebrate.  Blessed is the time change when it comes to Ohio friends drunk dialing…

Last run of 5W2M tomorrow.  I’m starting to pee my pants a little.  Everytime I get nervous I think of all your comments about how I’m obviously far superior to McRunner, and it makes me feel better.

I love you.  Can’t y’all just come to LA and pit crew for me?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


6 thoughts on “Party Animals

  1. Oooh! I just stalked for the billionth time this week and predictions have backed off to 50% chance of “showers” from 70% chance of RAIN, whoo! Hubby keeps reminding me that rain/showers/gloomy gray skies would be way better than hot-as-balls sunshine. Dude’s got a point!


  2. my best friend called me from a park bench outside some random Vegas hotel when he was there a few months back. at 3am Vegas time. I live in Michigan. I could have killed him. ha.

    good luck on your run tomorrow!!


  3. to clarify: i never said you were BETTER than the McRunner. I just said you should trip him.

    Kidding. you are of course the bestest runner in the whole entire LA Mother-Effing Marathon. Please be sure to tweet me live updates. I’ve already warned the bf our weekend plans will include my phone.


  4. All my coworkers asked me if I was going out to party drunkenly for St. Patrick’s day. The correct response is “No way. That’s amateur hour.”

    Seriously, it’d be like you showing up for a kids-only 5k and taking all the medals. Let the dabblers have their fun.



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