Last Training Run & PLAYLIST

I can say, with 100% honesty, that I have never been so CAREFUL on a run before.  Every step I was thinking,

“don’t pull a muscle!” 

“don’t trip!” 

“don’t get hit by the moron pulling out of Taco Bell that’s only looking left!”

Seriously though, I can’t explain how thrilled I am to have gotten through training injury-free.  Despite the drastic rise in weekly mileage and a snowboarding trip, I’m going into Sunday HEALTHY, and that has been my #1 goal from the start.

This is actually my first time “tapering” – Marathon Attempts #1 & #2 were spent cross-training and frantically trying to nurse last-minute injuries back to health.

So when I set out for today’s easy 3 miles, it was weird.  Half the time I was freaking out that my next run would be a marathon.  The other half of the time, I felt complete relief/satisfaction/joy that my (albeit short) training had gone smoothly, and that I felt READY FOR IT.

And now that I’ve got my perfectly remixed, perfectly random, perfectly perfect playlist ready to go too, here it is :

A few throw backs ( American Hi-Fi, Blink, Fall Out Boy, N.E.R.D… ),

a few new favs ( Runaway Baby ) ((thanks, crazy*running*legs!)),

some fun-loving ( Best Song Ever ),

a little bit of heartbreak ( Let It Rain ),

totally uncharacteristically ghetto ( Down On Me ),

lyrics to hang on ( Chicago Summer Nights ),

beats you gotta bob your head to ( Coming Home ),

and the one you can’t help but sing out loud to ( Something Like That )

I’ll have one last update after the expo tomorrow, and then it’s GAMETIME BABY!!!  For those of you who aren’t a good enough friend to actually be at the race cheering me on but want to know how I’m doing anyways, I signed up for real-time updates to be posted to my Twitter (@SarahSoon_To-Be).  Whether or not it actually works, well, yeah, we’ll find out I guess.

Oh yeah and KTLA is broadcasting the race, fellow west coasters.  That’s channel 5 where I come from…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “Last Training Run & PLAYLIST

  1. Sending all my happy running thoughts your way!

    Great playlist, I’ll definitely be stealing some of those for my next running mix.



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