LA Marathon – 5W2M Success!

LA Marathon – 4:02.11

A new PR – by more than 15 minutes.

 – Despite only 5 weeks of training.

 – Despite torrential downpours, 40 mph winds, and temps that brought spectators in ski coats.

 – Despite everything and all the odds, I finished, and I ran all 26.2 miles without pain.

(so long as you don’t count mascara in my eyes and horizontal rain pelting my face)

Next time I might make it 8 weeks, but I am very pleased with how 5W2M treated me.  Score another point for the No Train Race Plan.  (That makes it 2-0, if you’re keeping track)

Full recap once there are official photos for me to steal.  Now?  It’s time to nap.  Maybe by the time I wake up my skin will be un-pruney.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


33 thoughts on “LA Marathon – 5W2M Success!

  1. YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! Congrats on the new PR!!!! This post should be ALL about you but I’m going to insert that I hope McRunner melted in all that rain… or maybe I should say froze? I’m excited about how well this 5wks of marathon training went – what was your weekly mileage like before you signed up for the marathon?


    • McRunner set his PR like he said he was going to. Blah blah good for him. Like running a 2:36 is a big deal or something…

      I’ll do a full post on 5W2M soon – pre-sign up, scheduling, post thoughts, etc.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 15 minutes! Awesome PR (way to overshadow my 22 second PR…)! I *think* I spotted you in the first mile or two, but could never catch up! Never saw SkinnyRunner, but then again, can anyone really see something that fast? 8 weeks of training sounds like too much to me, what do you think about the OC Marathon in 6 weeks? ;-)


  3. Wish I could have said the same. I was doing okay until mile 10 or so, fought the wind/cramps for 12 more miles, and then pretty much broke down. One of the staff advised me to hit the medical tent for my blue lips. Yeah, no PR for me, but at least not a personal worst? Heck, I am glad I didn’t get any serious damage.

    But congrats! You were tough!


    • Yikes! I hope you’re alright and didn’t catch any nasty sick bug. I read that nearly 1,000 runners were treated for signs of hypothermia. On the other hand, it’s norm to treat that many for overheating, etc at super hot races, so I guess you choose your battle?


  4. AWESOME job on the marathon! Running a PR like that in horrible conditions is amazing. I saw the updates on twitter and was so impressed. You’re one of my running idols!


  5. Just found this older “5W2M Recap” blog entry when searching good old Google for “Can I run a marathon in 5 weeks?”. So glad I did, much inspiration/hope that I will (too) make my Marathon in less than 6 weeks (no I’m not a 1st timer either, but in this case just a huge mileage slacker and seriuosly considering throwing in towel on this paid for race). You rock!! See, sometimes you are writing exactly what another needs to hear (w/out knowing it) to get it movin! THANK YOU!!



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