Homestretch! (??!!!) : <100 Days Until "I Do"

Would you like an excuse for my absence?

B & my Mother-In-Law-To-Be :)

B’s mom has been in town from Ohio and we’ve spent the last few days enjoying her company and doing some really awesome stuff.  In total not-awesomeness, I only got my camera out ONCE.  This is the only photo I have of her trip.  LAME.

It was really great having her out here – there was lots of good food, every locally-brewed beer available, and some serious WEDDING TALK!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We’re less than 100 days away.  100 is a big number.  I can’t put that many day in perspective.  So for you fellow runners out there, that equates to about 14 weeks.

Less than a marathon training cycle left.  (ahem, those traditional plans, at least…)

All of the “big stuff” is taken care of (I think???!), but the little details are hanging over my head like an anvil waiting to totally crush my cool-calm-collected little bridal world right now.  So many teensy nit-picky things to think about!  And probably a bazillion others I don’t even know yet that I need to worry about.

I’m gonna need some Xanax and an on-call dermatologist to keep my crazy and my teenage boy acne in check.  And maybe a masseuse?  Daily Yogurtland deliveries?

Can somebody follow me around and whisper this in my ear for the last couple weeks, please?

Sarah Soon-To-Be  (… bridezilla?)


16 thoughts on “Homestretch! (??!!!) : <100 Days Until "I Do"

  1. AH! Your big day is getting so close! I got really sick either the Thursday or Friday before we got married. Lame that I can’t remember which day. I had a wicked head cold. I spent the entire day drinking that nasty crap airborne. I definitely exceeded the limit of how many to be taken during a single day. I was good as gold the day of our wedding though. Phew.


  2. just remember, “it’s not about the wedding…it’s about the marriage” mantra that saved me nearly 17 years ago.
    have a great time with all the planning.


  3. love the mantra! lol

    we passed 100 days about 12 days ago lol… we’re now at 88 and i feel the same way… im trying to get my invitations ready to send out and keep thinking that ive completely forgotten to plan for something important lol…


    • I’ve had a recurring nightmare that I forget to get my dress altered, send in photographer paperwork, and mail invites. So I’m in a frumpy gown with nobody there, and then my photographer finally shows up, in a peasant outfit with a mule, saying “I found you!”

      .Any weird nightmares for you?


  4. We are about 5 months out- so I too might need someone to follow me around telling me all will be okay. Maybe I can borrow your person post-wedding!? Hope planning is going great.


  5. Ah! I am in the same boat. We are roughly 90 days away from the wedding and all of a sudden my days of “pssh, wedding planning is a breeze, I have this all under control” are pretty much over. I definitely know what you mean about ALL the little details suddenly needing to be worked out. I feel like my weekends from now until June are going to be packed with wedding prep!


  6. I don’t know if you’re aware, but brides-to-be can drink as much champagne as they want. Yogurtland helps too. And definitely keep running :)


  7. My husband went on his bachelor party to Florida (we live in PA) and came home a week before our wedding with a severly sprained ankle & couldn’t walk. (He ended up being able to start walking ONE DAY before the wedding). Needless to say – things will go wrong, it’s just in how you deal with them. Take it all in stride and remember to have fun! Good luck : )


  8. 100 days is going to fly by. I remember thinking mine was 100 days away and now I’ve been married almost a year haha. The joys of planning a wedding from across the country, have fun!!


  9. I agree with Jenna- it all goes by so fast! Sooo much planning for half a day. I know there are a lot of little details to work out in the home stretch, but just know that 5 years from now, you probably won’t remember half of those little details. We got married 3.5 years ago…I can’t even tell you what food we had for dinner. For whatever it’s worth- I’ve been to many friends’ and family weddings, and I can’t remember details like the favors or the first dance songs. Try not to stress!


  10. The last 100 days before my wedding were some of the best of my life, except of course for all the days since.

    Congratulations on your impending nuptials, and even bigger congrats for continuing to blog, run and live while planning a wedding.

    Enjoy every second of the day, when the day comes. It will go by too quickly.


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