No Brain Void, Sorry.

Guys, I’m brain-dead.  No coherent thoughts for me to even attempt to translate into sentences.  Sorry.  Plus baseball finally started today so any headspace voids are already accounted for.

I have a post concocted inside my mushy head about wedding registeries and “How to wrangle awesome gifts out of people when you’ve lived together for 5 years and already own all the shtuff that usually goes on those things.”

Also it’s 80 degrees out and the Santa Ana winds are coming through, so I’m going to be spending the afternoon trying to devise a plan to get out of my office and down to the pool.

Peace out.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “No Brain Void, Sorry.

  1. Ohhh please post about wedding regs… I’ve been wondering how that was gonna work (if my bf ever pops the question, that is) considerig we already have a furnished house etc….:-/


  2. For my registry, I did You can register all the things you want to do on your honeymoon – even hotel nights, plane trips, excursions, dinners, nights out, groceriers, etc. and have your guests “buy” those things. You get a check right before your wedding, and another a month after.

    I already lived with my husband and we didn’t need anything and someone recommended the site to us.

    I’m telling you. My honeymoon to Maui was free.


  3. We used Traveler’s Joy and LOVED IT! Just realized the site’s still out there: Awesome, now I really, really, really want to go back to Maui. Anyhow, some of the old folks didn’t “get it” and gave us napkin rings and other stuff that, um, I don’t get, but yeah, we loved the honeymoon registry!


  4. We registered for some of, but not all of, the typical stuff. Mostly it turned our kitchen from “assembly of randomly aged pots, pans and utensils” into a uniform collection of great cookware, dishware, cutlery and the like.

    We also registered for the best garbage can on earth and got it.


  5. This is completely off the topic of weddings, so sorry for that. But I just wanted to say that SkinnyRunner posted a pic of you on her blog, and I absolutely love the shoes you’re wearing!


  6. Hey girlie!! Your shoes (that I adore too) are very popular!! a few peeps from SR’s blog want to know where you got them?? You do have a good style!! We’ll have to go shopping one day!!

    Have a good Friday!! :)



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